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  • Terry:Were we in B school at the same time.I graduated in December 63.There when the President was asassinated.made 1st class in 66 and chief in 69 but was PNA,d Give me a shout sometime 203 233 3568

  • Terry: Glad to hear from a former Yorktown BT,espicially one from # 4 fireroom. Did you have to take an umbrella with you when you walked throught the main feed pump area?. I also worked in the BR gang while aboard. I rebricked every boiler aboard both saturated and superheater sides. Were there any brickwork faliures during your time aboard?.I left the Yorktown in June 1963 for BT "A" School. After School was assinged to the U.S.S.Bordelon DD-881 out of Charleston South Carolina. I have a BT buddy out of Lakewood Colorado who did his entire 4 year enlistment aboard the Yorktown. He was in # 2 fireroom and the oil lab. He tells me there were no birckwork failures during his time aboard. I'm relieed to know that as it could have caused injury or death had one occured. Are you aware that the Yorktown is the lead ship at Patriots Point Maritime Museum  in Mount Pleasant,South Carolina. Our annual reunion is coming up Oct 11-13. I try to go every year as I'm only 4 1/2 hours away. # 2 fireroon and Main Control (FWD engine room) are open to visitors.I get my 15 minutes of fame each year when i pretend I'm batting burners in # 2. When the visitors find out that i served aboard the stick to me like velcro. Why don't you go to the U.S.S.Yorktown Assn web site. There you'll see photos from the previous reunions. Look for the meet & greet photos. You'll find me at the end of one of the tables wearing a red Navy BT "T" shirt,signing posters for the visitors.Yeah i look like Santa Claus with my grey beard,in fact i play Santa every Christmas and have been for about 15 years now. Where is your current home?

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