Come on in Shipmates. Have a seat in the First Class Lounge. We'll play a little Acey-Deuce and swap sea stories. As always, you have front of the line previleges on the Mess Decks.
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  • BM1 1968
  •  Heck John the uniforms alone are totally different, they wear camo now instead of dungarees and khakis for everything else.the only way to tell the ranks apart is the insignia on their collars

  • Wouldn't surprise me at all, they've done away with so much Navy traditions already.

  • I heard recently that the Navy plans on doing away with Gold vs Red chevrons and hash marks! Any thoughts?

  • NORTH DAKOTA,great place tp live.

  • thinking about retirement home in gilfport ms.

  • was a ST1 changed to OT1 retired .last duty station was MIDWAY ISLAND.

  • greetings sailors.

  • haven't been here foe awhile still cold in north Dakota.

  • Reading all these comment from my fellow PO1 like you all. I pass my first AMSC test but could not get pass the board and made the mistake of leaving the Navy.  I an very grateful to be among great men of the Navy as Po1's and member of the First class Association ASM1 Stephen King 

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Made BT! in march83 never made chief part was my fault but you cant change the past.Had a boot chief give me 3.2 evals because I wouldnt help him move to navy housing. B ut I wasa damn good BT and proud of that rating badge.and I would do it all over again

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