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  • Stephen, are you still there? Hey bud I was on the Point D fall 1974to August 1976. I remember you. Blonde hair everyone called you Henry! Anyway I hope the VA  has processed your claim favorably. I also have alot of breathing issues which could be due to all the asbestos dust we had to constantly clean up while tied up in Portland. Researching this issue is how I found this site. I hope you get some closure on the issue. The wheels at the VA turn slow even here in Minnesota where we have a great VA. By the way I was a Gunners Mate. I see Joe has been here, WOW what a trip down memory lane this is.  Take care

  • our ship is on that list, when it was in nam etc.

  • If you look at all the newest Navy ships, they make the Point Defiance look like it would belog in the civil war!

  • Hi Stephen, Not having any issues or respiratory problems at all.

  • Hi Stephen! Go to the web site < blue >. I am working with the a county  Veterans  Service Officer in Arapahoe County here in Colorado  and he has been extremely helpful in organising my records and has already submitted a" place keeping claim" to the VA in Denver. A place keeping claim means when all my medical records are ready to submit, my claim date will be the date when  my place keeping claim was submitted. my claim will include agent orange, asbestos, solvents, PCB's ( from a transformer explosion while on shore duty in Hawaii) and back injury(suffered during the collision). If I can help in any way please email me and we can also talk on the phone.

  • yes I tried for compensation, it’s been over a year now, havn’t been denied yet, but I dropped the ball, they had sent me another 15 page letter, so I have to go see the DAV.  we have to fight for it, we have to prove our ship was in Vietnam where agent orange was used etc. (which I did), and asbestos.  of course they won’t tell us why PD was decommissioned etc.  Google, agent orange, Point Defiance, asbestos.


  • I am sure I know who you are (well not 100% lol)… I sent you a message, I am not use to this and have hardly used this site, but since I got message from you and I am home...

    wow, Joe Gonzales (they called me Gonzo)….

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