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We're nearing a thousand Navy Veterans on our site and growing rapidly now. As vets, we hear and see a lot on the news about how difficult it can be to get benefits and treatment. I've met and seen a lot of great sailors get injured and put on partial and full disability. What are some other common hazards, disabilities and ailments that you've seen shipmates suffer from? You're going to see some additional content on the site soon on topics such as these so Navy Vets wants to hear from its own members so we can educate and begin providing you with some resources.

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    • if you can find a senator or a congressioal that deals with veteran issues give them a call or email, the va won't jump unless you build a fire under em.i had to and to deck logs have been released recently.i had to get internist doc to actually speak the language the va understands so you might get her an internist they look at everything couldn't connect my illness to my service till i sent them a ct scan saying illness due to exposure,now they have copd stage 3 lookin at em should clinch it.steve gibson usn ret.

    • Good luck with this Robyn - I wonder if there are any logs or files you can obtain under the Freedom of Information Act.
  • I was going to post this on its own article but your topic seem fitting for this:

    Quarantined Navy ship - Captain And Chief Petty Officer dead?

    The Navy ship that has been under quarantine for almost a month now is due to return tomorrow. All crew were given the vaccine and everyone got sick which resulted in the quarantine. The captain of the ship and the chief petty officer are confirmed deceased and the ship is now under command of a new captain.
    Crew are reported to have had fevers lasting 5-6 days with paralyzing fevers of over 104 degrees.

    The military continues to be the guinea pig for experimental drugs.
    Quarantined Navy ship - Captain And Chief Petty Officer dead?, page 1
    Quarantined Navy ship - Captain And Chief Petty Officer dead?, page 1
    • We've got quite a history of that, don't we Tim? Soldiers and sailors can't say 'no' and the government takes advantage of it.
  • I suffer from TBI, severe brain damage, Diabetes, Arthritis, Unable to Smell, Vision trouble,PTSD. I am in a wheelchair most of the time. Transportation is the most difficult for me. I have no Van so if I want to go to my Vet Center I have to pay in excess of$20 one -way to cross into the next county where they are. Te VAMCSF turned me down for transportation fm my apartment to the Vet center and back. Yet Ft Miley(Smiley) won't offer me any counseling until my Purple Heart gets approved. They say Nothing happened in Iceland in 1979. Those who were stationed that night at NSGA know darn well I got shot. Another attack on a Naval installation that was kept secret. I am a little angry but , I did have a chance to serve my country in the best Navy Ever. I am grateful. I just wish Washington would pay more attention to those of us who have born the burden. However thankful we all are... I am rated at 120% by the VA, but they seem to act as if thats all thats needed...
    • Andrew,

      We'll keep you in our prayers! I hope things turn around for you soon.

  • I for one is having trouble getting the disability claims approved by the V.A. i suffer from artritis in my left knee and all the V.A. will rate me is 10% and i have had surgery done on it since i been out and again the original 10% is all they would give me, I did get re evaluated and the V.A. would not increase my percentage, my knee hurts when i walk and i have told them this and i cannot even get a handi capp placard for my car. its like they dont want to spend any more money than they have to.
    • I am right there with you Marvin. I broke my ankle and knee while in service and only receive 10% per joint. I have had 2 surgeries on the knee, and the VA says "It should feel better now." It's like they don't want to take the financial responsibility after he do our part by serving our country.
    • That really pisses me off that you are teatted this way! My daughter (Sailor) is presently having kneee problems and if the Navy screws her I will be all over them like white on rice!! i am going to look into this matter and if I find an organization within the VA or outside that can help you Marvin i will let you know. You hang in there . Thank you for your service to our country!!
    • Hi Marvin!

      I can't imagine how many vets are suffering from running around in boondockers on steel decks all day. After years of that, I'm sure there are many like yourself. We'll continue to see what we can do to provide education on working with the V.A.

      Thanks for replying!
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