Navy Hazards, Disabilities and Ailments

We're nearing a thousand Navy Veterans on our site and growing rapidly now. As vets, we hear and see a lot on the news about how difficult it can be to get benefits and treatment. I've met and seen a lot of great sailors get injured and put on partial and full disability. What are some other common hazards, disabilities and ailments that you've seen shipmates suffer from? You're going to see some additional content on the site soon on topics such as these so Navy Vets wants to hear from its own members so we can educate and begin providing you with some resources.

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    • GOD BLESS YOU AND DAM THE VA! GLAD YOU are here to tell us!
    • Terry I commend you for standing tall and not giving up and getting all that you so deserve for all that you gave for our Country. Thank you for your Service my Friend!! My husband was a Gunners mate on the USS Waddell 1982-1986 based out of san Diego. We met in 86 three months after he was out of the navy. We raised 4 daughters and a Son , have 9 grandchildren and are rasing 2 grandsons ages 7 and 10 and have a daughter age 23 serving in the Navy over in Atsugi Naval Air Base in Japan and was recently deployed on the USS GW with her Squadron "The Iron Gauntlets"( VAQ-136), with Airwing 5. She is an Aviation Machinist Mate Airman. I was an MP in the US Army back in 76-79 myself.
      • Hi Cora. It was an honor to serve our country, the greatest country in the world. Thank you, your husband and daughter for your service as well. My Dad was in the Air Force, my Grandpa was in the Navy in WWII and my Father-in-law was in the Army. I hope that your daughter enjoys her time in Atsugi. I loved it when I was there from February 1989 to January 1991. I was in HS-12 detached to the USS Midway (CV-41). At the time, I was fresh out of high school and very homesick, but I loved being there. We were required to get our driver's license and once I did that, I would rent a car on the weekend and go out and explore. if I didn't get a car, I would hop on the train and take off to Yokohoma or Yokosuka and just go out and have fun seeing the sites and meeting the people.
  • Robyn,
    I could swear that you didn't have to be only "in country" to be exposed to AO! All a person needs to be is a handler or on/in a place it was handled? I could swear that the VA knows that too... My best wishes to your sis and maybe a letter to a newspaper or TV station would help at this point. Also temporary support from FISH or home town agency for food or clothes or others would be helpful to get her through...You can call the City Hall to get the phone numbers that her town has for a person tha fits the needs she may have. Also local Veterans Agencys can offer help too. Best Wishes!!!!!
    • I am also applying for disability. Has anyone from the USS Ranger (CVA-61) been able to prove they were exposed to agent orange during the time period 1961 to 1965? I was onboard Ranger at that time....we were off the coast several times, I could see the coast clearly. I think we also must have had it on board because we dropped it on the land for several years.

      Any help would be appreciated...

      Jack Smart
      DKSN, S-4 Division (Disbursing)
      • They are deliberately not approving US Navy unless you can prove "boots on the ground" bull. They don't want blue water navy!
        •  they should know water had to be processed for drinking and bathing from the water the ship was anchored at,they are tryin  to ignore the facts cause then they'd have to own up .steve gibson usn retired.

  • Not sure if this belongs under this topic but something to be concerned about:

    • There is no conspiracy in this country.... makes you wonder, just what in the hell does go on behind the scenes...Just how low will the stoop. Good post Tim.....BLUE
  • I am trying to help my sister get benefits for her deceased husband. He was on USS Ranger 1971-1972. I am trying to locate paper work that shows him TAD. I have requested deck logs no help there. I have also requested personnel diaires,and a muster roll.Will that info be in those papers. Any info you can give me would be much appreciated. My brother-inlaw passed in Jan 07 after being ill for some time due to many ailments as a result of exposure to agent orange. My sister filed for her benefits in Feb 09 after all other money sources have been depleted, she was denied because they said he was never in country. She talked to a VA advocate and he told her if she could find where he was TAD he could get her something. She is living on no income so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
    James Michael Burns
    USS Ranger 04/25/1971 thru05/18/1971
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