how many out there now are suffering the effects of long term abestos exposure from the service on ships or in ship yard , mine is on going for more then 35 years ?

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  • I was diagnosed with mesothelioma last Feb.

  • I was aboard the USS America CVA66 from 1972 to 1974, and I was exposed to asbestos and agent orange.i have breathing problems and had a heart attack, my claim is in and I am waiting to hear from the va.???

    • My husband was stationed on the Spear from 1979-1982. at which time the ship removed all existing Asbestos, he was a HT-1,of course the claim was denied because it was not  noted in his medical records. Lucky enough I ran across a USS Spear news paper printed on board the stated "if any one see's any more residual asbestos on board please report it to the chief". Also found personal support from the crewmates who told stories of how they worked under non-control work conditions, no air masks, no body suits, I am happy to report that I finally received the claim 10 years after Jess passed on. He was 44 yrs old. the cancer was located in the peritoneal area.

      I wish you the best of health and luck

      Mary Moses

      • i was on the point defiance that was built with asbestos,was in nam off the coast sprayed with agent orange,she was scrapped but before that started she had to be cleaned of the toxic material before the scrapping began.this happened after i was discharged from the ship in 1976.claim at dav appeals team in washington.

      • it's a longroad, thank's

        • some times your Senator can push things thru faster. Might want to try. They get the big bucks remember

  • I am looking to get someone to help me with a VA claim. 

    • go to your bva office or the tvc office

  • I too am suffering from asbestos exposure by being on a carrier from 1963-1965.

  • I was stationed aboard the Uss Lester and the USS Semmes in the boiler room.  I suffer from asbestos related lung disease and hearing loss.  I was proud of my service.  I wish they were still proud of me.

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