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i myself feel the v.a. is giving us vets a bumb rap i ret in 99 and been fighting them ever since then the c.m.p. so called dr's dont have a clue i think this is B.S. in march this year 2012 i was perminitly disable by my v.a. dr for C.O.P.D. plus on oxygen (not service connected) but in early years in my navy days in 77 i was exsposed to asbestoes but not in med record i was on an old ship orion as-18, any way i can not work no more living on E-6 PENSION AND ONLY 40% DISABLED BY V.A. i gave 21 years of service where is my help when needed any help is greatly wellcome thank you, p.s. ive sence appled for s.s.d. but as we all know it takes along time which again i think is B.S.

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    • stephan, i think the only way to get something done in d.c. is to write the t.v. networks or the newspapers,and tell them what a screwing we are getting by our illustrious gen. shinsecki who runs the v.a. the v.a. recieved a ton of money from congress to move things along at a faster pace,but guess what the veterans administration does,it spends 6.1 million($$$6,100,000) on parties for the people who work in the v.a. and bonuses,i wrote every sob in washington d.c. but it all falls on deaf ears.i have the american legion representing me but i think they are working for the veterans administration.i was told by the v.a. in newark nj that it could take another 2-3 years for me to hear anything back,at that time i will be 71 years old. our government sucks and i am just hoping to get rid of this disfunctional administration in nov.mickey doyle uss great sitkin ae 17 (1965-1967)

      • think you  hit the nail on the head va is notorious for sweepin us vets under the rug!!!what also may help is replacin the dog we have in charge in the wh i believe romney an ryan can make difference.i've sicked congressmen and state reps on em but they can do so much,told dav i'm not givin up,the va had issues with my claim and it was taken from them an done at another place,guess we keep hasslin them till they get tired of us!!steve gibson uss point defiance,lsd-31.

        • Stephen Gibson: Hi, What was your rate? Darrell Smith HTCS(SW/AW)(Ret)

          • hello there, i was han e-2 in the deck dept on the point d lsd-31 currently in the middle of a second appeal with va.had talked to a guy veterans day in my home town said his ship was linked to mine when they were in nam.he also told me that my sip was put on a list of agent orange exposure last year alsao my ship was on a list of ships exposed to asbestos.they are havin problems gettin the records so they say.

            • i even wrote to the american legion and actually them that the guy representing me with the v.a. must be getting a bonus for every veteran he represents.no answer back from them either.this really sucks. mickey doyle usn 1963-1967

              • the american legion represents me on my claims here in s.c.  i just filed 3 more claim's i'am tired of fighting the v.a. i been fighting them since 99, a buddy of mine used a lawyer out of n.c. they helped him out with no charge only 20% of his back pay, the way i look at it it worth it they do all the leg work even getting all your records,since my v.a. doctor perm.disabled me 100% but not service connected iam only 40% i applyed for s.s.d. and got it my first time took 8 months to get it. mickey gl my friend

  • i have been trying for three years to get some positive reults from the va,my problem is that nothing was put in the ship`s log about tons of ammo breaking loose,and me spending ten days at a naval hospital for a hernia operation.what a nightmare that night turned out for me,i remember as if it was yesterday,it happened in 1966 while aboard uss great sitkin ae17.i have to travk down shipmates and have as many of them write a letter telling what happened that night.all this because some officer had his butt covered by the navy.so far i have two letters waitng for more and i have to start the whole process all over again.it really sucks.

    •  I am going through the same thing with them about a accident i had on the Big E. Hard to find facts after all these years. I cannot even find a squadron roster, but maybe through this site something will come up. I had about given up until i found this web site.

       Luck to you and God Bless you and yours.


    • i hear u bud v.a. here in s.c. is hard  ive been writting congrees man and senators try that write the dav vfw, hope it works let me know ty for your reply gl 

      • mike,you are not going to believe this but i have just recieved notice from the va that i have to go to the va 6/25/2012 to have a tv hookup with the va traveling board.maybe they are finally believing me of what happened that night.i send you an e mail after the hearing.hope you have better luck with your case.. mickey doyle

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