• i was on board the u.s.s. orion as-18 77-79 during my time on board (deck div.) we tore out all the lagging in deck div. berthing with no protective gear at all 2 day's latter we found out that all the lagging was asbestos they took all our name's so they could entire this in our medical record's well me just being a sr at the time i didn't know any better to check latter on to see if it was entered in med. record long story short NO it wasen't, after i retiered in 1999,filed claims with the v.a. was granted 40%, In 2011 my v.a. doctor told me i had severe case of C.O.P.D. i put in a claim the v.a. said not service connected grantit i was a smoker at one time but i still think part could be related to asbestos, my v.a. doctor disabled me told me i couldn't work no more so i had to quite a great job, i did file for S.S.D. which i was aprroved for (lucky first time i applyed)  any way what is my next course of action to help get my over the 50% range, gl to u all mike ret. bm1sw& craft master.

    • you might try gettin a ct scan from the newer machine that have a lot of pictures,va didn't do that did they?steve gibson usn retired

  • I was on the Mt Baker Ae4 back in the mid 60s, playing with the stuff like kids do, I was in M-division then, working on the old Sola evaporators


  • I've worried about this, as well. I spent 3 1/2 years an a DE/FF - one of McNamara's wet-dream boats, LOL! A couple of years ago, I got a whiff of 'bad gas' while inspecting a well-sight in the Texas gas/oil fields and got chronic bronchitis from it, since then I've really worried about what the combined effect of that and all the (Usually lagged, sometimes not) asbestos from the Navy.

    • My Father passed of lung cancer....even though he was a healthy guy 56 years after a brave 3 year battle with lung cancer...I have contacted a law firm that deals with this type of thing, You know those commercials I couldnt help but get mad. He was too young. I shoulda got 20 more years, But the Navy stole the healthy days. he is gone. it happens. and its wrong. and no one can bring you back. And it seems like no one cares.


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