how many out there now are suffering the effects of long term abestos exposure from the service on ships or in ship yard , mine is on going for more then 35 years ?

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  • i served onthe point defiance 73-76 and that ship was built using asbestos products also she had just got back from nam when i got aboard.i am now experincing respiratory issues that started in 99,was fine when i enlisted,am in process os appealing denial by the va twice.a senator sent me a email stating that specific ships  off the coast of nam was qualified for compensation,i sent this email to the va.

    •  Hi Steve my name is Jim Slayton I am a Service Officer for the DAV. I help all veterans who come in to file a claim with the V.A.. The number one mistake is doing it your self. There are trained Service Officers who will help for free. I don't know how many vets come in and started with the local State V.A. office. Their claims were sloppy, filled out wrong, and missing Medical Evidence. My experience with Asbestos Claims are they are a bear they require a ton of Medical Evidence, and having an radiologist with experience in reading Asbestos are required. The vet must provide a lot of Medical Evidence the VA requires. I was in the Asbestos Surveillance Program in the NAVY. I got a base reading a large sticker on my medical record and nothing else. Some evidence!!!! By the way I don't recommend Appeals. I'm on face book if you want to know more.

      • i was aboard uss great sitkin ae17 from 1965-1967.i now know for the three months the ship spent in the hoboken shipyards we had to sleep and eat on the ship while they removed the white snow from the ship,i now know from other shipmates that this was asbestos.i am now being treated for c.o.p.d. by the v.a. in east orange n.j.after almost five years of investigating the ship and learning from other ship mates it was also in the ship yard in hoboken in 1966 they were also removing lead paint.nobody back in the 60`s knew about asbestos and lead paint and the v.a. is denying that this ever happened.one more thing the ship also carried agent orange,but the the navy and the v.a. are also denying this ever happened.there are four guys from these times that are suffering some kind of cancer from agent orange and they are having a hell of a hard time getting anything positive from the v.a. thanks mickey doyle usn 1963-1967

        • va is stubborn especially when the  proof is in front of them ,they are bad as social security had to help them find things with help of some senators.a vfw commander i talked to was on a ship connected to my ship while they were in nam said u have to keep after them.he got his compensation and is on oxygen 24/7 don't know howlong he had to fight em.i do know my sip is in a reserve area in california  waitin to be scrapped or whatever read a lot of different stories.

      • i got a va benefits hand book the mail recently can you tell me what that means said to wait while they are finalizing my claim but didn't say if i was denied or accepted.

        • Can't tell as there is no decision yet, until you get the "Award letter" anything is just speculation. Please let me know how it goes. Thanks Shipmate.

      • i did file through a va rep not myself,an have dav service officer to act as my rep in process he has told me they are backed up  but believes i've sent enough evidence backin my claim.

        • Steve it's hard to do a case without seeing the evidence and paperwork. I will say that the number 1 goal at the V.A. seems to be save money. As you have found out they are very good at it. Go to the  Code of Federal Regulations Chapter 38. There are three sections two about VA and one about the services old folks home. Go to the section on lungs and read it. Your claim will need to contain all/most of whats written. If you need help call me at the DAV. 7066-660-1444. Jim

      • what else can you tell me bout the va?i know it's hard for them to accept responsibility but i know of someone here in myhome town that served on a ship linked to the point defiance,he got his compensation and is on oxygen like myself.i have a ct scan report stating ground glass opacity which is asbestos exposure oriented.my disability started bout 23 yrs after i was dischared could have been earlier because i seem to have weak respiratory system earlier than 23 yrs.

      • hey thanks for your response,i've been dealing with the [bear] since 99,i am under the care of three different doctors,no one seems to know what my problem is.my lung cells seem to be froze some i was on the point defiance lsd-31,she was built with asbestos through out the ship.she went to portland oregon for overhaul after i got aboard she was stripped to bare metal and timber in well deck.was replaced.i did have a ct scan that said ground glass opacity in the report i have sent that to the va along with a letter from a senator explaing the bill that covered  navy vets that were exposed to agent orange where my ship was off the coast of nam.that stuff isn't water soluable but has to be cleaned by replacing all areas exposed.my ship is in suisan bay calif.either scrapped or waiting to be.my question is why after allthe money spent for over haul?

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