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  • No moved to Merritt Island near Cocoa Beach
  • Hey, John, sorry just getting back with you now. Good to see you again after all these years. Let's keep in touch. Christine
  • I remember PO Nelson. I did a lot of infantry training with other companies. It took a bunch of us to get the best out of a company so we all helped each other all the time. We all had strengths and weaknesses, mine was infantry and to my chagrin, motivating female companies, don't ask me how? I really enjoyed the male companies back then you could joke and have fun without getting court marshaled!
  • No, I don't guess we know each other. I was in the navy from '73 -84. I was stationed in Florida twice as well as served a two year shore duty stint at Mayport Base Supply. Looks like we have more than Mayport in common as we both served 11 years before getting out of the service.
    Are you from Florida or did you just decide you liked it and stayed there? If I recall right Orange Park is just a short way from NAS Jacksonville.
    I have a friend from Florida named David Baldwin whom I have been looking for for a long while. Have you ever ran across him by chance? I ask this because I have learned this is a small world. There is at least a possibility that we know many people who know others we've known. I'm sure you have found this to be true yourself. If you'll read the comments on my profile you'll find one of those examples. One friend whom I met on this site is married to a woman whose madien name is the same as my surname and she grew up not five miles from where I grew up. Also, his father served on one of the same ships as I.
  • Thans, John. Proud to serve.
  • Welcome Aboard, John. Good to have you on board.
  • Welcome Aboard, John! Thanks for your service in Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Somalia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan.
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