Roosevelt Roads Naval Station is a former United States military air base in the town of Ceiba, Puerto Rico.
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  • Hi Ellen, I got over to Roosey from Ft. Allen right after you left and can appreciate everyone's memories. My son was born in the hospital there. If time travel was possible... Hope more of those who were there when you were turn up! - Bob

  • Hi - I was a corpsman from Aug 77 to Feb 79 looking for some shipmates! Ellen

  •  I was stationed at Rosy Roads from 59 to 61.I lived in the old barracks for about a year & then moved into the new ones which at the time seemed like condo's to me. I played on the station softball team & had a great time having beach parties & watching the panther jet drones doing loops & rolls & crashing into the sea & on one occasion cartwheeling down the runway. On weekends we would drive to San Juan & visit bars like the sea club & in Santulce there was Al's Little club where the show girls hung out after their gigs were up.That place was so cool, it was upstairs & the ceiling was so low you couldn't stand. There was only one bathroom & there was a traffic light in front of it, red - in use- green- empty. I'm smiling as I write this thinking of those times. I know some of you war vets feel differently about your hitch & I stand & salute all you guys for your service but to this day I feel so lucky to have been a peacetime sailor.

  • I was stationed at Rosy Roads from 74-76 and it was a beautiful place to be.I woke the the morning after arriving at night and said to myself, "Yeah, I can stand this military duty!!". Brought my wife came down we lived off base until when moved into base apartments.Loved the place but not the pay, so I got out of the military to make some decent pay.

  • If anyone ever finds out how what was let of Rosy Roads faired in the hurricane last week please share with the rest of us here.....would appreciate it.


  • I was stationed at Roosy from 1/69-12/70 and it was a beautiful place to be. I arrive in ma ind as an E-3 ; the only ame at aimd, made E-4 inn Mav ,became air crewman on the 2  uh-34j helos. Most of our  flight time was spent lighting up targets for the weapons range. Brought my wife and daughter down in J uly and lived off base until Nov. when moved into  base apartments. We spent a lot of time on the beach and loved it. I made E-5 in Nov. 70 just in time to have everything shipped home free. I really miss the time spent there. I left PR. and went to Nas  Oceana Va. attached to  F-4 squadron vf-33 . Made a Med. cruise from Sept. 16- Mar, 16 72.Discharged upon arrival. Probably biggest mistake of my life getting out. Was young and foolish but very proud of my service!

  • Stationed there 1964-1966 Worked at the air field AMH 3

  • Was stationed at Roosevelt Roads from January 84 to November 85.  Would love to find people from that time!  Best duty station ever!

  • Stationed Roosevelt Roads May 1970- Sept 1973. Communications Division.

  • Looking for shipmates from Roosevelt Roads circa 1967 thru '68.  Worked in Security and Admin Departments. 

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Stationed from 1978 to 1980 VC-8

I was stationed at Roosevelt Roads from 1978 to 1980 mainly as a line crew member then in the OPs office. Being in the Navy was the best time of my life. The lovely weather. The great people. The awesome weekend trips and scenery. But, one unfortunate thing that happened was the horrific crash of our VC-8 H3 helicopter that contained 8 of our coworkers and crew members as they were on their way to St. Croix. It crashed not long after take off due to rotor failure. Pieces of the aircraft and…

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