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  • I was at Moffett from mid august to oct of 68. Was a "pusher" when we did calisthenics and my CC was Casimar Sobaluski (spelling?). I remember one time while we were doing pushups, as I walked among the squids making sure they were 'working hard',  I saw this heavy set guy who couldn't do more than 10. He was really struggling and I felt sorry for him and stood in front of him so the CC wouldn't see him. No biggy, but I always remembered that. Also remember a fellow recruit named Charles Lamb who jumped out of a window and killed himself landing on the clothes lines hanging outside.

  • I was there in September of 1965. It was very crowded then due to the number of recruits being trained. The enlistment numbers were high due to the Vietnam War. We were processed out of Boot Camp early due to this. I was in company 426. 

  • John my brother Don Atwater served on the Radford as a EM about the time you were on there also know a Jim Jeffrey a MM was there with him i keep in touch with Jeff he is in San Diego      Norn

  • Went to Moffat 8/16/67,Co 413 C/C Daginess MM/C. I saw through the sych. right away,never said a word or got out of line.Upon grad C/C said who the ____ are you.Said I was in the company,he just shaked his head.Went to BT A School there,froze my ass off and got a tin can out of Pearl.USS Radford DD 446.To much Tonken Gulf for me.Left 71 BT 2

  • I remember Camp Barry and Dewey but forget what the rotation was after Moffett. Anyone ever live in Camp Lawrence after 1965?

  • Porter was real new in 62 camp moffett ww2 wood baracks real fire traps dont know about a tunnel did they still have obslete 14pound drill pices sometimes 3yr makes a difference
  • Arrived at Moffett on & Aug. 1965. was not sure what to expect. Turned out OK though. Went from Moffett to Camp Lawrence way down the tracks!!!! We actually "christened" this dump as it was not used since WW2. 3 solid days of work to get the place livable. From there we went to Camp Porter. That was the best.  Anyone remember the "tunnel"?  Company 374 members PLEASE respond.

  • Maybe GL was so much fun makes me wont to ho back lol ha ha
  • Michael.. You were probably one of those guys who told me that I'd be sorry. :o)

  • Steve we wete there at the same time june 62- 10sept 62 company 257
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Boot Camp

Did my training at camp Moffett & I remember how the guys from Dewey had clean boots, where our boots were always dusty.I also remember one of our instructors would always describe to us in great detail the great sex he had the night before.For 13 weeks he constantly broke our balls, but still it was a lot of fun & met some great guys. 

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RTC Great Lakes Arrival

My Recollection.Feb. 1967.  Cold, and getting colder!  What a strange time.I screwed up the 'stenciling" of my raincoat royally.Company 103. MM1 Howell.  We were known as "Howell's Angels.  Mr. Howell scraping the safety razor on the asphalt as we marched - threatening us if we didn't shave properly.The barracks were comfy, but 70 below outside with the wind chill factor.  The "Dempsey Dumpster" watch wasn't fun.Guys loved to go to Sick Bay and have "terpin hydrate" (sp?) issued. …

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camp moffat

on 2/15/1963 i entered the rtc,coldest place i have been in my life,i remember the guys from "mickey mouse co." yelling at us to turn around and go home.moffat was the only part of boot camp i co.commander was a en1 his name was gardner and he thought that all people from new jersey and new york were hoodlums.most of the company was from both states.i remember being awoken in the middle of the night when it began to snow to grab a broom or a shovel to get rid of the snow,standing watch…

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finally; beginning to see some hope!!! Camp Moffett

  For several months I have been trying to locate any discussion pertaining to Camp Moffett, Great Lakes, I entered recruit training there in Jan. 1965. Oh, it was sooooo COLD.!! Would be great to hear from anyone that was in company 24, Jan - April 1965. Those barracks were so cold, I awaken each morning with ice on the INSIDE of the windows. Does anyone remember this?? Please reply at

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