camp moffat

on 2/15/1963 i entered the rtc,coldest place i have been in my life,i remember the guys from "mickey mouse co." yelling at us to turn around and go home.moffat was the only part of boot camp i co.commander was a en1 his name was gardner and he thought that all people from new jersey and new york were hoodlums.most of the company was from both states.i remember being awoken in the middle of the night when it began to snow to grab a broom or a shovel to get rid of the snow,standing watch on the dumpster always double timing every where we went and of course always being cold.i got sick and was sent to sick bay,they told me if i spent three days in sick bay i would be sent back a week,as sick as i was i got the hell out of there.i enjoyed my time in navy especially after i made em2,if i wasn`t stationed on that damn ammo ship i probably would have stayed in the navy.


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