For several months I have been trying to locate any discussion pertaining to Camp Moffett, Great Lakes, I entered recruit training there in Jan. 1965. Oh, it was sooooo COLD.!! Would be great to hear from anyone that was in company 24, Jan - April 1965. Those barracks were so cold, I awaken each morning with ice on the INSIDE of the windows. Does anyone remember this?? Please reply at

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  • Wow, it's been nearly a year since anyone posted toward Camp Moffett. I was there back in 72 and it was closed. We spent one night there. It seemed kind of strange that the entire camp was closed except for us and that one night. Something very odd about that and the throat cultures that were taken shortly there afterwards. The whole bootcamp experience is one of which will stay with me forever. Here it is, 40 years ago and I remember it as though it was yesterday. I have to admit, no questions were asked, we strictly went in on trust and faith. We carried Springfields and at one point were told that they would be issued firing pins for the rifles. I was there for the closing of the Vietnam War. That's right, I said war, not conflict brcause I can't bring myself to believe that all those individuals that died were involved in a conflict. Well, enough yammering on my part, I've been joining any group to where I can reminisce. 

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