RTC Great Lakes Arrival

My Recollection.

Feb. 1967.  Cold, and getting colder!  What a strange time.

I screwed up the 'stenciling" of my raincoat royally.

Company 103. MM1 Howell.  We were known as "Howell's Angels.  Mr. Howell scraping the safety razor on the asphalt as we marched - threatening us if we didn't shave properly.

The barracks were comfy, but 70 below outside with the wind chill factor.  The "Dempsey Dumpster" watch wasn't fun.

Guys loved to go to Sick Bay and have "terpin hydrate" (sp?) issued.  "Slurp-A-Terp" was the expression.  Best time of the day was mealtime.  got to love cottage cheese and pineapple.

I was sick once, on light duty.  I had a sheet draped over my rack and another company commander came in and I heard him say (through the sheet) "Who's sleeping beauty?"  Luckily they didn't roust me.

Over-and-out, for now. Thanks.

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