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  • NTC RTC San Diego fall 76 to sping of 77. trained with Royal Saudis. Met some guys across the bridge with salt and pepper agulettes with very bad attidutes. Graduated along side out Saudis. Class C School. NRMC Balboa Hospital Corpsman. Granduated in May 77 and was sent to Marine Corps Air to Ground Combat Training Center to be a field corpsman with US Marines,(ground pounders), BAS, Military Ward, and ED. Spent thee years in the Desert there in live fire exercises. HM3 USN AD. Honorable Discharge after serveral adventures there. Cross Rated to the National Regestry of EMT's, Paramedic Graduate. 32 years civilan serivce as a field medic now. Total service as a field medic 36 years. 10 percent disablitiy wounded in action civilain EMS/ no brag just happened. Current Status Civilian Medic/ Veteran USN. write if you wish.. yes "Cold War Vet" Post Vietnam by a few months.

  • Hi Andrew, we are practically neighbors! Mary
  • Welcome Aboard Andrew! Thank you for your service in The Cold War, Lebanon, Grenada. Congratulations on your retirement!
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