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  •  company 377, 1986.......Airman Apprentice Cook, Anyone out there,That was with me? Shipmates. 

  • company 038 , 1980.....BMC Arndt , EM1 Schultz Company Commanders .   anyone out there ?

  • Looking for anyone 1958 Co 171 or drill team

  • anyone here from Company 038 1980 ? ..I'm looking for Shipmates 

  • Anyone from CO-457   20 Nov -57 thru 1 Feb 58? CC was BTC Mettler. Would be nice to hear from someone.

  • old timer here at the lakes in 59. welcome aboard.

  • o

  • Hello all, looking for any of the guys who went to RTC Great lakes in feburayy

    of 1977

  • i went to bootcamp at greatlakes on 07 jan 1970 till april 5 1970 i failed my swimming test i was asmoews and i spent three days in the mickey house club learning to sew buttons on my pants and shirts, great time i had working with real assholes. but i graduated and continued my naval career.

  • Those are some great "found" memories. I'm still looking for a lot of mine. Lately I've been writing them down in a book as I recall them. When I'm finished I am going to call it "the book of David the Navy years" I think my friends and family will enjoy reading it

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