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  • Hey Bruce, Ben Kalu here, R U gonna make it to Va. Beach in September? Unfortunately I won't make it due to work schedule. I wish I could be there with U guys. I don't know if Kunkel will be there, but I know Mitch and Barry Lane are gonna be there. Call me or I can call U if you give me ur no. mine is 707 853-0355. Talk to U later.
  • Hey Bruce can't say if I remember you name sounds kind of familer fill me in when you can glad to see that va85 is growing and think its going to be a good reunion.
  • Hey Bruce! Seen where you joined us on here. Been meaning to send you a message. No, I'm no longer in V.B. Moved out of there about 6 years ago. Living in Laurel, De. now. I'm actually in Singapore right now. Been here since Jan. Will be here til end of June or 1st of July. Still doing Jet Engine work. Work for a company called T.S.I. Aerospace. Come overseas alot working for the Air Forces. Was in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. last year. Got up with Mitch Miller before I came over here. Was great seeing him and his wife. Actually bought them a couple Harley shirts from here. Anyway, take care, and will see you in Sept. I'm on facebook by the way!
  • hi Bruce, Ben Kalu here, R U still in the NY area? I'm here in the West Coast since 1985 Well, good to hear from u hope to see U around with the other VA-Line crew, sometime whenever that is. Take care.
  • Hey Bruce,

    Welcome to NavyVets and for joing VA-85.  Like Dave, I'm having difficulties remembering you even though we were in the squadron during the same time in '79, albeit brief.  I left in October.  Nevertheless, it was a great experience but at the time I was glad the ride was over.  If you have any pics you're willing to share, please feel free to upload them.

    I hope you can make it to the reunion this coming September.  It's shaping up well and should be a great and memorable event.  At the very least, get in touch with Robert "Bob" Moore and let him know you exist.  Again, thanks for joining us. -Al

  • Bruce. I dont send a lot of bullshit texts and e-mails...or junk mail i should say. but I promise i will keep in touch. I am still trying hard to get in touch with dave prater. The last address I had for him was in illinois.I have called about 6 wrong people. Tomorrow I am gonna pay for a search service to try and locate him.My cell # is 812-371-7775 and i am usually up all night because i work third shift. but you can get ahold of me early a.m. too if need be.I have called every steve grogan in the tennessee area and stil no luck on him. Run that reunion by your wife and see if you can get permission to go or at least get her to sign your permission slip,hahahahahaha. Still a smart ass aint I.

    Seriously though,life is too short and it will be good to see some of you guys and laugh at how old you have gotten. and you can laugh at how fat I am. I am not planning on taking my wife , she is going on vacation with the kids to mertle beach. I plan on throwing the harley in the back of the truck and head east...

  • Good deal bruce...I got your e-,mail address. if you look around you will find most of the familiar faces on va-85 here on nav. vets... plus on the va-85 site here it gives all of the info on the reunion. I will definitly go if you do. It will good to see you again,
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