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  • looking for navy vets sites help

  • looking for poem called sailors of 1962 any help ? fonnd it go to blogs

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  • Thanks for the welcome Wm.

    Like Waylon said I may be old but I ain't wore out.

  • thank       you

  • thx, always appreciate that

  • thanks

  • I remember main st quite well wason the vulcan 63-65 do you remember the wing ding and the jolly roger on oceanview
  • William,
    Considering that we were on an Ammunition Ship, Operating alone, we were
    very pleased to have the Tin Cans show up.
    May very well have been the same Sub that we sighted.
  • William,
    Welcome aboard the Cuban Blockade Survivors Association.
    It was a major point in all of our lives.
  • Welcome Aboard, William!

    I'm Bill Karr. My son Doug created this site and I help him out a bit. We hope that you enjoy it.

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