Underway Rearming off the Coast of Cuba.Cuban Quarantine, October, 1962
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  • welcome aboard served aboard USS CHARLES P.CECIL DDR 835 crew forced rusian sub to surface.a long time ago.

  • Served aboard the USS John R. Perry (DE-1034) in Key West during the blockade.

  • USS Roosevelt VAH-11 Det 8, 17 year old watched as the older guys cried because of the interim extension

  • I don't know how to post pictures on the net.Send me an e-mail with your mailing address at ken.shee@netzero.net.I'll send a copy.

  • Kenneth,

    Any pic would be great. I've never seen even an Official Navy photo of our deployment.

  • The photo was taken at some distance,from a bridge if I remember correctly.Not much detail.

  • Kenneth,

    Can you please send me a copy of the photo.  nnn0vjm(AT)gmail.com.

    A lot of the DD's were from Central American countries. Some of us from R3 Div went aboard to give them some lightbulbs. They could not afford to buy them but were helping us in the blockade. Their crews lounge was an unpainted compartment with a picnic table in it and one light bulb. Tough way to go to sea! ICC Smith and ICC Palmer snuck over to a Columbian Sub to give their gyro a quarterly. It was not even working. they got it fixed for them. We were not supposed to do any repair work "officially" for them.

  • Hi Donald,I have an old photo of the DD's and DE's tied up alongside the Vulcan.I was stationed in the communications center on the base.When the blockade ended,the cruise ships came back.The tourists came ashore and we went aboard and went up to the top deck bar for beer and all the free snacks.

  • First I've seen a Cuban Missile Crisis group. Thanks for starting one. Was on USS Vulcan stationed at San Juan for repair duty for ships in the quarantine.

    Had a bunch rotate in and out. Anyone remember being along side us?


  • What years qualify for this group.  I was onboard USS WREN,DD568, and remember patroling off the Cuban coast in 1961 and 1962.  I have a B&W picture showing a freighter or tanker against the Cuban coastline that we were shadowing.

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