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  • rich, give me a call. 7275454064

  • Yes that was Deem Ott, we were on the Yosemite in the early 90's. He transfered to the tender in Guam and I have no idea where he is now.
  • Hey Rich, wasn't sure if that was you or nott. Yea, Carl Dann told me about this site. Just kinda finding my way around. I'll get back with you.
  • Hi Richard: Thank's for the kind words you had to say about me and am so glad that you are doing good today. Where in Mich do you live? I was from Battle Creek and most of my family still lives there. I now live in Fla. and would never move anywhere else. This place is truely great. You said that you had talked to Gleason. I always liked him. Do you have a web address for him or a phone number? I think he lives in N.Y. City. Sure would like to say Hi if possable. Well, that is about all for now. Take Care and again, thanks for the kind words. They meen alot to an old salt like me that I have been remembered. Always, Big Al.
  • Hello, yes i know about Lynda, she was my best friend. Her drinking got the best of her. I miss her everyday. Take care, Rox.
  • Richard, MLC John Sellars is registered on
  • Thanks for the add Richard! Always great to find another fellow Molder!
  • Welcome Aboard, Richard!

    I'm Bill Karr. My son Doug created this site and I help him out a bit. We hope that you enjoy it.

    The following message is from Doug:
    1. Great photo. Wish I was there!
    2. Click the Commands tab and search for your commands so that you can join them and add them to your page! This is how other shipmates will find you.
    3. Invite all your shipmates!
    4. Don't hesitate to add an event or a reunion to the Events tab!
    5. We've also started Commands for each State. Be sure to join or add your own state!

    I give out gifts often for those folks who participate on Navy Vets! Be sure to start up a blog post or two and tell us all about your time in the Navy!

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