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  • Here's Our A School Picture Back in 1972Molder%20A%20School%201972.jpg

  • Went to that facebook page...still waiting to get approved by an admin

  • Ron, come join all of us on the Pattern Maker / Molder Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/navy.molder.patternmaker/

  • John Glenn, Jimmy Ford, Terry Miley and myself in this class.


  • Ants don't like it too much....

  • I've seen the and castings.  They are cool.  You'd have to be careful about how wet the ground is.

  • I kind of dig the ant colonies poured aluminum trees, anyone done it ? You can see how on you tube.

  • All we need now is a pile of sand and a few beers...Keep the goddamn cats out of it! 

  • I found a group on Facebook for "Hobby Metal Casting".  I see some pretty good ideas on there and some good laughs, too.  Seems to be a lot of people out there trying their hand at the black magic of sand castles :)

  • Hey, Guys and Gals! Glad to see so many of us still drawing breath and active. Didn't know that this site was here. Really miss the Foundry work, but I guess it's kinda hard when the rate was abolished. Bummer. Lots of back yard melting going on out there, send suggestions and they will appreciate it. Later  all!

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Posablly seeing about starting up a navy molders museum?

I know they dismissed our rate back in 1997. I would hope there are enough of us left to possably  get together and see about creating a museum somewhere  here in the states to preserve our long history and heritage that we all have shared as Molders. Any of you out there please give me a response if you read this Discussion.                                      Thanks.

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any one know these molders

Red Jackson antiock ,ca was at point lomaFrank Albriton ,Kansas Woodie “woodward”Guy that worked on Ferry in Gito before a school as deck ape  don’t remember name  he was married“Pete “Peterson Utah had a little devil tat on from Orgen He was on tend at PearlPhil Hile he was from Ohio near Va borderOney from the OrionWayne Hopkins New port news VaSteve Chub , from south carTom from Euclid ,ohFred Smith was on Guam with paternmaker  Ron “Scotty” ScottA 1 st class ml that had a 32 Ford pickup he…

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