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  • hey Martin...what's going on with you these days?

  • Greetings,shipmate;Thanks for accepting me as your friend,though we might never have met,nor served together,a friend is a valuable asset,and I hope to be an asset and ally for

    you as well.


          James Benson  


  • Thank you for the Friendship I am humbled and Honored


  • Hi Martin, Being a Hospital Corpsman has a special place in military history and friendships carried on into the present. I have been able to locate about 45 of the 62 that graduated in April 1968 along with others that I had been stationed with at USNH Camp Pendleton.  Yes they were surprised when I called them but almost to a man they are so glad I did and validated who they were and what they did as a veteran of the USN. I have one friend who is suffering from PTSD and he is having trouble staying in contact but we are working to help him get through this. Thank you my friend and Shipmate for your dedication and service also.  Yours, Terry

  • No, I was stationed at Inshore Undersea Warfare Group ONE, North Island, Calif. at that time.....


  • No, I was stationed at Inshore Undersea Warfare Group one, North Island, Calif. at that time.

  • Well Marines fail to realize that their paycheck is issued to them by the Dept. of the Navy. We squids transport their gear to where they got to go. Yes a warship can help a Marine do their job, but that is what its all about. American Veterans working together for the betterment of our nations success. Since our political leaders keep acting like school children, at the expence of the American people. That goes for Republicans and Democrats. Greed has taken over our nation, Romney is a PERFECT example.
  • I was stationed on two diff. war ships and did two med. cruises. Meet alot of dedicated veterans to the mission of the US Navy as Boiler Technicians. First on the ship, last off. The heart and soul of a US Navy warship, Hole Snipes !! Watch the movie Battleship, when the Old Timers get a warship underway, when the insert the torch into the Boiler. No boiler, shes dead in the water. Well that also applies to Machinest Mates, our fellow brothers. Wooooo !!!!
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