Hospital Corps School, Balboa Naval Hospital, San Diego, California
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  • Corps School Sep. 1966-Mar. 1967: Looking for classmates, yearbook photos. Anyone know T.L. Dickerson, Pinckney from Charleston, SC, Jim Redmon, Jim Morrie, Larry Winslow? 

  • I was assistant adjutant of company 74-70. I hated that job. Graduated Aug. 28, 1970. Wound up working at Balboa Hosp. Bldg 26-3A, Orthopedics. Charge Nurse, Susan L. Williams. A great lady!!

  • I started 'A' school in November 1969 and graduated 2/26/1970. I can't find our class photo, but did see class picture of another company with the same graduation date. I did not realize that there was more than one class graduating on the same day. Was this pretty common?

  • Company 43-69 Graduated in June,69 sent to Long Beach Naval Hospital ,then in August 69 sent to FMSS, Camp Pendelton,  then in November 1969 sent to Vietnam,Echo 2/7 then 1st med Bn. then Oak Knoll( Psych Patient) then Sweet home.

  • I went to HM "A" school at Balboa and graduated on 13JUL72.  When we put in our "dream sheets" for next duty station, we were told that there was no chance for us to get transferred to any station east of the Mississippi River.  I put first choice Corpus Christi, TX (a couple hours drive from my home), second choice Charleston, SC, and third choice Jacksonville, FL.  They transferred me to Charleston.

  • HM3 San Diego A School 1987

  • HM A school,1965 and HM-8483, C school 1966
  • Randall Keith Hunter I went to HM "A"School 1988. If anyone went to San Diego A school 1988 hit me up.
  • Attended "HM A" School in late 1974 at Balboa.
    Anyone remember hearing of the naked bicycle riding "streaker" during the Change of Command ceremony?
    My Class was in attendance in formation on the hill. Other than Boot Camp Graduation, this was my first "memorable" official Navy Ceremony I witnessed. Certainly the one I'll never forget!
  • Attended A School in 1966. They were starting one new company a week with 30 classmates and the training was 16 weeks.  By the time we were leaving, they had increased the number of new companies from one to two or three, and reduced the training from 16 to 12 weeks.  The demand for Hospital Corpsmen was increasing exponentially as the war in Viet Nam escalated.  HOLY CRAP! 

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Naval Hospital Orlando

after Corpsman training in San Diego I was transferred to Naval Hosp Orlando.. Next week I am going back to the facility for a visit. I was also a Corpsman for NASA during the Space Shuttle program in the 80's and am going to visit the Space center too.  I will get to show my young songs where I was stationed..very excited about it.. Brian SkeochCorpsman   

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