Jeepney In PI #2 1970

And as the jeeney pulls away, the girls wave bye bye. And yet another horse drawn cart on the side of the road. Loaded for market.

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  • I remember the jitney's in Olongapo City in 1971 with machine gun toting filipino military units pointing at everybody on the sidewalks as they drove by.  Then we left for the gun line in Vietnam where we bombed 6-8 hours a day, swam in the warm waters of the South China Sea around Da Nang and Vinh, and then cruised up to Haiphong harbor to help with mine laying.  The music we got came from armed forces radio and the big songs at that time were, WHAT'S GOIN ON by Marvin Gaye, IT'S TOO LATE by Carol King, MAGGIE MAY by Rod Stewart, UNCLE ALBERT/ADMIRAL HALSEY by Paul McCartney. It was a strange but exciting time.

  • Hi Adrian: You got to see the real Navy as it was. I got sent to an area of the country where they were still fighting the civil war (even back in 1971 when I was stationed at Beaufort Naval Hosppital).

  • Martin,  my old mom says everything occurs for a reason.  I have come around to believing that.  You and I were in our places for a reason.  Even if we can't understand why.  We're here talking now.  We might not be doing this if we were in different places back then.  So I guess we're meant to do something during our remaining life time.  Another mystery.  Yes?   


  • Hi Adrian: We  had the most beautiful red headed nurse at Beaufort Naval Hospital. Her name was Lt. Lucy White and she was from Marietta Georgia. All she ever wanted was promotion to Lcdr. and orders to her home town of Marietta. I lefy Beaufort in May 1973 and never saw her again. Too bad as she was a looker

  • Hi Adrian: I wish I could have gotten on a ship instead of baby sitting marines at the Naval Hospital Beaufort and the MCAS(H) new River Jacksonville North Carolina for 3 of the 4 years I was in the Navy as a corpman. Oh well,, I guess everybody has to do their enlistment somewhere. I only wish mine had been somewhere else, Martin E. Kinsey.

  • Hi Martin, I was only on one ship during my enlistment.  And that was on the Big E.  It was pretty intimidating at first, but also awesome.  I guess if you're gonna be on a first time ship, a carrier should be it.  Working a hospital in Subic for a year was demanding too.  But when it comes down to it.  I would say that duty in a hospital can be even more demanding than Sick Bay on a ship, in the sense that you only have senior corpsmen and medical officers on top of you in Sick Bay.  Whereas you have the same in the wards, but add officer nurses to the mix HA!.    It's hard work in a hospital to be sure.  A lot more patients. 

  • Hi Adrian: My name is Martin E. Kinsey. I went to corp school San Diego from December 1970 to 1 April 1971. I then got orders to Naval Hospital Beaufort South Carolina where I was for 25 months. Spent my remaining 12 months at MCAS(H) New River Jacksonville North Carolina never having got near a ship. 

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