For seven boot camp-like, rifle-toting, blister-breaking weeks, the Navy and Marine Corps team up at Field Medical Service School (FMSS) East to mold standard Navy-issue corpsmen into Sailors good enough for the Fleet Marine Force (FMF)
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  • Looking for my class pic from FMSS. Graduated November 3rd 1982, not sure of which class. Need this to complete my special room at home
  • Good evening y'all. Hope all my fellow brothers in arms are doing well. Trying to locate copies of my class at Camp Johnson from May - June of 1982.I would like the full company picture, and both group pictures. I think  I was in "B" Co., but I am not sure. My copies were destroyed by water. Thanks for any and all help with this request.

  • James, I went through FMSS in late 69. Was only 4 weeks long and compared to what they have now t was a joke. We were prepared using the WWII version . You'd think that the Marines would know more about jungle warfare than anyone but they imparted very little of that useful history. I learned on the job assigned to CAP 2-7-2 just to the starboard of the middle of no where. 12 Marines one Corpsman in my CAP (Combined Action Platoon). Would have need nice to have the kind of training they give now-a-days. Semper Fi Rick Doggett HM2. Retired in 1990 as a Major, Army Nurse Corps.

  • Don't recall class number but was at Camp Pendleton FMSS sometime in 1978 after tour of duty at NRMC Oakland enroute to next duty at US Naval Hospital Guam, M.I.

    Had a great time, was one of the few classmates that had a car that afforded me the opportunities for a trip to Las Vegas, a couple of weekends around LA, Hollywood, Universal Studios & Disney. Always had a "car full" on these excursions!

    After graduation, even helped a couple of other Corpsmen getting an extra day or so with their local residing families. All good except the speeding ticket for having "a red sports car" while taking a fellow Corpsman home just south of San Diego!

    Left with a Court appearance date pending while enroute overseas. What a mess to clear up and get the "failure to appear" warrant cleared while on Guam.

  • This is a WARNO: SEPT2015 marks the 65 Year Anniversary of Field Medical Training Battalion onboard Camp Pendleton CA. We will be having a get together on 25SEP2015. More details to follow but we would like as much participation as possible!

  • Hello,

    I have seen many comments about people looking for class pictures. I am stationed at FMTB-W right now and just ran into a bunch of old pictures in tubes and stacks. Please email me month and year and I will do my best to get these scanned and emailed out.


    Carl Hill

  • Same time and same barracks I was in.  I was on the lower floor.  If you were facing the E.M. Club, I would have been in the squad bay to the right of the office.  Terrible 3.2% beer.

  • I can't remember the company number, however I was at Delmar May -  July 67..  in the barracks across street from em club... I do remember closing club several nights...

  • I was in Class E-6705, Alpha Company, late May-July 1967.  Got any idea how I can get a copy of our class photo?

  • good morning Doc's

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Does Anyone remember my Brother? FMSS early 1967

Hello to all, and Thank you all for your service!  My brother HN Gregory P. Vercruysse went through FMSS at Camp Pendleton the very first part of 1967. He went to Viet Nam in late April, early May 1967, then to B/1/26 H and S.   He was on Hill 881S. While on a patrol he was mortally wounded in an ambush on June 7, 1967 while aiding a wounded Marine. If you knew my brother I would appreciate hearing from you, and my apologies if my terminology is not correct, this all happened when I was 8 years…

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Semper Fi, Folks

Okay, 1972, 2nd Amtrac Btn, Force Troops, Camp Lenjeune, Courthouse Bay Dispensary. Been there and definitely done that. Quite an experience but I am proud of the 2 years with the Marines. I am a better man due to my time there.Best to ALL of you Folks and thanks for your service!!Curt Hiller, HM3

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