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  • I love it when justice happens.

  • I too was on the Holland 1974 to 1975 while she was in Dry Dock. Got out in 1975 and went to work in the shipyard the day after my discharge. I actually  had the chance to work on the Holland as a civilan. That turned  out to be quite fun messing with all the new J G's that came aboard while she was in Dry dock. I worked in the Metalurgy Lab acid testing weld joints for various welders. They had to know what certain materal  the joints were made of in order to weld it properly. One  morning my crew was below deck in a passageway that was properly secured. (Had caution tape and signs securing the passageway for no entrance allowed for a certain length of time) I was up on a ladder doing my testing. Keep in mind I was new to the shipyard so I was still wearing my old navy uniform. (I  still kept my ball cap in my back pocket.) At that time this Junior J G had barged thru are caution looked up at me and yelled 'Sailor! What is this ladder doing blocking this passageway?' A immediately hid my shipyard hardhat in the overhead piping an put on my ball cap then came down the ladder. This idiot started ranting an raving all over me at the very end he asked me what I had to say to him. It was classic! I reached in my shirt pocket and pulled out my shipyard ID and stuck it rate up in front of his nose and preceded to read him the riot act about interfering and disregarding standard shipyard safety procedures. I then contacted my boss at the lab and had him come out and after his investigation cited him for intruding into a designated danger area. After that (Knowing the Master At Arms that was in charge in the mess hall) He had witnessed the hole argument walked up to me and said, Bob stuff that ID back in your shirt 'Lunch is on me!' So I went thru the chow line for lunch. Never tasted so GOOD!

  • I cross decked from the Simon Lake to the Holland when the Simon Lake relieved her in Rota in the 70's   I was in OPS department as a RM1

  • onboard Holland in 1965 to 1966 in rota. crossdecked over to the canopus. loo

    kiing for any shipservicemen from that time period

  • I was on the USS HOLLAND in 1974-1975 when in the dry dock in Bremerton Wash. Was on board for only on year. My son was born in 74 at the old hosptal I never went too sea on Holland was due for rotation too shore duty.Left Holland before sea trials.

  • I was aboard the Holland from early 1990 to 1993. I wish I had stayed on it til it decommissioned after all the hours of work I did in Aft Engineroom. Enjoyed every minute I was on there regardless.

  • Larry, Don & I were onboard 85-87. We both played on the softball team but most of the time we were getting worked there, made the trip to Bermuda and the Bahamas while there. We both got our ESWS pins onboard. Your picture looks familiar but i dont remember the name.
  • Well, no need to answer.  I just looked through both yours and your brother's page.  I thought your name was familiar.  Your pic too.  You ARE the twins I remember!  You guys were on the Holland at least part of when I was.  1986-1991.  I worked in ADP, so I doubt you'd remember me.
  • Ron, when were you on the Holland? 

  • I was stationed on the USS HOLLAND in Charleston at the Weps station in Goose Creek. It was my first command as a diver and i learned my trade under those boomers in the Cooper river. I dont think i have ever worked harder or played harder than at that command.
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steven "joe" friday

Hello from silverwood mi. I came to the Holland June of 84, worked in shipfitters shop for awhile then went to carpenter shop & worked with Al Venn & Keith Rice. I was a HT3. Lots of good times & bad but it was still a life long pleasure.

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