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Boot camp

Went to boot camp at GL in 1963 October , company 505 when I was checking the keel mags I could never find that company, or my picture anywhere. Now some of us went home for Christmas , and we continued as co 505 and graduated in jan. any help on thi

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Your Stories are Needed

All right everyone … Here is your chance to contribute and have your stories published in an upcoming book.
I have been asked by one of our veteran’s organizations here in my community to help write a book consisting of stories from crew members of v

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free rides with SP

Douglas,I have had a few FREE RIDES with the shore patrol,and if I remember just right,at the particular time I was not mad at anyone,but the chief SP didn't look so friendly as he deposited me at the pier where my tin can was tied up.And the OOD at

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Boot Camp 1963 CO. 224

I was in company 224, June 1963-Sept. 1963. went to uss oriskany cva 34 for 6 months then to shipfitter A School. I spent my remaining enlistment on uss simon lake AS33. As I recall there was a Spinal Meningitis out break in SanDiego at this time. Th

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IIRC...During basic...almost everyday at any time the CC could or would call for a seabag inspectionand it damn sure better be right and just like in the BJM..Anybody remember the black nylon me these were INSTANT athletes foot..there were

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