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    • Company 257 summer 62 great lakes
    • Good Luck with that Michael...I went in in Mar.62 Company 121...CPO John Poissant CC have NOT found any info from that time frame...haven't even found a KEEL from when I was in.Have searched ALL over the web have found absolutely nothing

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    • Well.....lookie whos what were you askin me about BOOT CAMP??

      For the record:

      I was in Company 121...CC was John Poissant....Made Senior just before we graduated.

      There have been MANY conversations concerning...everything starting from Day 1 all the way to graduation Day...

      Inna nutshell:

      Barry was indoctfination:

      Company Formed

      Seabags issued(or more like thrown at us)


      and I thought we went through a lot of B S when we got a physical in St Louis..

       All while being butt nekked..."Turn you head and cough"...did that like 4-5 times..check weight...check eyes...check hearing..teeth hair n eyeballs...shots...and more shots physicatric evaluation..some guys disappeared after this..oh yeah I almost forgot...SHOTS...and the KILLER the bicillian in the butt shot...God forbid if ya gotta top bunk...

      Haircuts....take a little off the top n sides...yeah right.smoother n babies butt in like a minute and a half...Everything that went in our seabags was literally thrown at us...even the to the next room there are boxes...all clothes we wore up till we got uniforms was put in the box..we put or home address on the box and that was the last we saw of that....After shots..physicals..some name calling..definately not what you would say to your Mom and damn sure not your Dad.We formed Company 121...Now even though I was never in any school bands I DO know my left from my right...unfortunately some people wouldn't know which was which even if they were labeled...We finally "marched"if you want to call it that to Camp Berry..Chief Posiante did a walk thruogh of our barracks which concluded with "These barracks were built around WW I...they have been painted and re painted constantly since then..In the event of a fire it has been noted that it would take 7 minutes and there would be nothing but grab some uniforms and get the hell out" Did PI Inspections in different drill halls..did push ups in slushy water puddles to the point the front of our dungarees were soaked..didn't get to change till the end of the day...which we hand washed and hung out on the clothesline with clothes stops....which meant they were frozen and NEVER really dry...classes for these buildings the temps had to be in the upper 80s so naturally one would nod off...which could lead to the CC "tappin ya on the head with the RPOCs sword..and it wasn't a love tap either...then the move to Camp Porter...which was like going from living somewhere in a cold dark alley to the top floor at the Hilton...dumpster watches..pushing the piece...which by the way I may be a little off on the but It was the 16 COUNT MANUAL OF ARMS any seabag hits P Is hits were worked by doing the 16 Count...and sure enough whoever was doing the insturcting was known to do each move lets say...13 times...20 times...if remember there was one INSTRUCTOR who had a habit of making it the 96 Count...and after holding a 9.5 Springfield rifle that "MIGHT" weigh all of 5 lbs after doing the 96 it might as well weighed 150 lbs...I only had to do it maybe 2-3 times...but there were guys who were there on a daily basis...Then we graduated got orders and I don't ever remember seeing ANY one again...As a matter of fact I haven't been able to find ANY mention of my Company 121

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  • John Tankalavage - Company 334 Sep '81 - Nov '81
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