Boot Camp 1963 CO. 224

I was in company 224, June 1963-Sept. 1963. went to uss oriskany cva 34 for 6 months then to shipfitter A School. I spent my remaining enlistment on uss simon lake AS33. As I recall there was a Spinal Meningitis out break in SanDiego at this time. They temporaily closed Sandiego and sent Recruits to RTC Great Lakes. They opened up old world war11 barracks (Camp Lawrence) where I spent my Service Week. A lot of great memories. I got out in July 1967 .SFM-2.

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  • William, I was at Great Lakes the same time as you were.  I was 1st Platoon Leader, Company 353.  I was about a month behind you.  I joined the Navy in Hawaii and was suppose to go to San Diego for boot camp, you are correct about Sprinal Meningitis closing SD down, that's how I ended up at Great Lakes and riding Tin Cans on the east coast.  I also got out in July of 67.

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