Roosevelt Roads Naval Station is a former United States military air base in the town of Ceiba, Puerto Rico.
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  • Supply Dept/Fuels Division ABFAN, March 76 thru August 77.  Had Duty July 4th 1976, got to see the fireworks at the beach from the runway.
  • Station at Rossy Rd from about 65 to 67 as a base cop
  • Was stationed there from April 61 to April 63, assigned to AUW unit, and it was the best shore duty ever. Never forget the "Cuban Missile Crisis" and the frantic pace of activity, and watching the training that the UDT guys went thru over on Vieques (before they were called "Seals"). And the Corona beer with the rice & beans in Cieba and weekends in Fajardo and Old San Juan. A lot of good memories!
  • Assigned to the Security Department from October 1974 till October 1977.  I was one of the base investigators and worked with the patrol dogs.
  • .As a retiree arrived at Rosy Roads in April 1991 on my own sailboat. Lived at the Marina on base and worked at MOE down on pier #1 as 3M maintenance coordinator of ten Navy owned vessels for a year... the recovery of spent torpedoes on the AFWTF range was our main objective of the GE contractor, over the course of some 8 years of living at the marina I taught 200 people to sail with the Red Cross course so they could rent sailboats from MWR at the Marina. Sailing over to Green Beach on the end of Vieques and going over to Culebra was the way to spend a long week end.
    During the 18 months of 1994>95 my wife and I both worked on the construction of the new commissary. she was the office pay clerk and I was maintenance manager for all construction equipment. it was only about 4 years old at the time of the base closing.
    Hope some of the people we knew back then find their way to this site for some memory stimulation's.
  • wasnt stationed here but i have been there a number of times
  • Naval Hospital & Navy/Marine Corps Reserve Center 1995-1998
  • I was stationed here from May 1972-April 1975. At AIMD In the Ground Support Equipment Shop. I was an ASM2. Would love to here from anyone who was there.
  • Stationed here from 93-96 @ AIMD Support Equipment.
  • I was stationed there and assigned to AMID W/C 400 (P/P shop) from Jul "84 thru Jul "87".
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Stationed from 1978 to 1980 VC-8

I was stationed at Roosevelt Roads from 1978 to 1980 mainly as a line crew member then in the OPs office. Being in the Navy was the best time of my life. The lovely weather. The great people. The awesome weekend trips and scenery. But, one unfortunate thing that happened was the horrific crash of our VC-8 H3 helicopter that contained 8 of our coworkers and crew members as they were on their way to St. Croix. It crashed not long after take off due to rotor failure. Pieces of the aircraft and…

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