Naval Air Station Whidbey Island is a naval air station located in two sections around Oak Harbor, Washington, USA. It was commissioned as an active U.S. Navy installation on 21 September 1942. The main portion of the base is called Ault Field in memory of Commander William B. Ault, who was listed 'missing in action' during the Battle of the Coral Sea (1942). Ault Field is located approximately three miles north of Oak Harbor.

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  • We pulled into dock at whidby island, there was a whole lot of shipping trailers on the dock, and pine trees as far as the eye could see.a lot of heavy equipment and machinery.we were there for #1 week.I visited Seattle, I went up into the space tower,it really spins around,that high up.good food and drinks.met me a girlfriend,she was beautiful,I wanted to bring her home.but she worked and lived there,Washington state,is her home.,1989.

  • I had been there maybe 2-3 months did my time mess cooking at the base galley..wasn't too bad...the Chief that ran the messhall was very concerned about the people assigned to him.Easy to get along with.

  • "ACTUALLY IIRC Washington is NOT known for having "Nice sunny days"which I found out to be true.63' IIRC the Sun was actually seen for 30 minutes in 63'or 64' of the time it was raining...since the base was right on the West Coast we would get ULTRA HEAVY RAINS...

  • 62'-63' Spent this time at USNTC GT LAKES ADCOM SECURITY.

    63' I get orders to NAS WHIDBEY...At that time the only thing ANYONE knew was the NAS WHIDBEY was up by Seattle..

    Flew in from Chicago...get to Seattle the time I got there there was now way to get there but to fly I hooked up with a Navy plane and crew the pilot told me I would have to depart while he was turning around...fortunately that went well and he left.Got to the barracks and the barracks MAA told me "don't unpack your gonna have to do some mess the seaplane base..So I get a ride from base security...and go to the seaplane base..which I spent 90 days washing dishes...then I got sent BACK to VAH 6 at WHIDBEY..was assigned to the barracks  for 90 days and the to MAIN CTL chasing down or ordering parts for the mechanics..Not really a bad place...with exception some of the local citizens had issues with some of the members on the MAINSIDE of the base

  • I remember a Franks, but it has been many years ago.  I worked with him once in AIMD.  Had a lot of good times.

  • First (and only) duty station after RTC San Diego (Co. 59-326) and helicopter school at NATTC Memphis, at Whidbey 1960-1962.  SAR hoist operator on HRS-3 helicopter until they found out I was slightly red-green colorblind.

    So, I became Logs & Records specialist in the Planning Dept.  Even got my picture in the Prop Wash when they did an article about NAS Maint Dept. Planning.

    Good times, roller skating at the Burlington Roller Frolic, then pizza at Shakey's in Bellingham!

    Oh, yeah, mustn't forget flying under Deception Pass Bridge in the HRS-3 while searching for a lost boat!

  • My First Command after Boot Camp The XO was CDR. Palm who took me under His wing.  I was there as part of the Administration of NAS. 1968 Made CYN3 the first year in the NAVY.

  • I remember that emergency room at Ault Field, I had quit breathing when my parents rushed me there. That was when I was finally diagnosed with asthma in 1968. I returned on active duty in 1992.


  • Paul, I was first in VAQ-35 as the first female PO1 also the first PR1 and when the squadron was disestablished Nov 1993 I transferred to the par aloft and eventually was the QAR for the division retiring Aug 1995.
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VAQ 133 Wizards and VAQ 137 Rooks

I was in both VAQ squadrons while at NAS Whidbey from 1975-1977. I posted on the VAQ 133 BLOG but didn't see a VAQ 137 Rooks BLOG,   While in VAQ 137 our squadron went on a fly the flag cruise down to Rio De Janairo Brazil and while down there for two weeks we got to watch the SST Concorde land at Rio from England every Wednesday. Watching that plane land was a sight. Ships company was restricted to the ship as there was repairs to one of the four boilers that had to be completed. Being Airwing…

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