VAQ 133 Wizards and VAQ 137 Rooks

I was in both VAQ squadrons while at NAS Whidbey from 1975-1977. I posted on the VAQ 133 BLOG but didn't see a VAQ 137 Rooks BLOG,

   While in VAQ 137 our squadron went on a fly the flag cruise down to Rio De Janairo Brazil and while down there for two weeks we got to watch the SST Concorde land at Rio from England every Wednesday. Watching that plane land was a sight. Ships company was restricted to the ship as there was repairs to one of the four boilers that had to be completed. Being Airwing we got to tour the area and see the sights. Going back to the states the USS America did a high speed run and had to sit for over 12 hours for the rest of the supply ships to catch up. Crossing over the International date line and becoming a Shell Back will forever be etched in my mind. I still have the USS America Cruise book and look at it every so often

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