Michael C. Clukey left a comment for Sal Cairo
"Nom I was a BM3 in the second division with Paul, only a seaman when we commished the ship in november 1961.
Aug 21, 2019
Michael C. Clukey left a comment on Cuban Blockade Survivors Association
"I had the privilege of serving on the Mazama from re-commisioning in 1961 through january of 1965. Served with paul also but he left in 1963.
we had a great crew and wonderful officers also. We became a outstanding group of men.
Thanks to Paul we…"
Aug 21, 2019
Paul F. Palladeno replied to Michael C. Clukey's discussion Paul Paledino in USS Mazama AE-9
Looking forward to seeing Mary Ann and Yourself in New Orleans for the Cuban Blockade Survivors Association Reunion.
Best regards,
Paul and Liz"
Aug 21, 2019
Michael C. Clukey posted a discussion in USS Mazama AE-9
I served on the USS Mazama from the commisioning in 1962 through January of 1965 when I was dischared. Had the pleasure of having pUL a our BM3 in division 2. I will never forget all the shipmates we had and all of the ports and fun we had. Thank…
Aug 21, 2019