I know they dismissed our rate back in 1997. I would hope there are enough of us left to possably  get together and see about creating a museum somewhere  here in the states to preserve our long history and heritage that we all have shared as Molders. Any of you out there please give me a response if you read this Discussion.                                      Thanks.

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  • I was a molder on the USS Jason AR-8 in 1977 - 1979. Wow I miss that shop.There is a cast iron pipe foundry that I drive past on my way to work. when they are casting pipe the smell of the hot sand brings back a flood of memories. the Jason was moth balled in 1995 the scrapped in 2005. It hurts that shes gone.

    ML3 Savage 

  • Is this Bob Brantner from A School ?

    Larry Johnson

  • Good idea, but how do we get started?

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