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  • Joined in Fort Worth in June 1973.  Company 177 was marshaled at NAS Dallas, then flew to boot camp in San Diego.  Avionics Technician A school in Millington in the Fall of 1973.  In January 1974, VT-24 at NAS Chase Field, in Beeville, Texas, then a year later AIMD.  Listened to numerous shipmates in Beeville complain about how bad sea duty was.  Then I watched them reenlist and go right back out to sea duty.  I had a career decision to make: whether to make USN a career and apply for NESEP, or finish my enlistment and then finish my education on the GI Bill.  Looked to me like that decision hinged on what sea duty was really like.  So I voluntarily terminated shore duty in 1976 and went to sea on the USS America (CV-66).  Med Cruise in the Summer of 1976.  In the Portsmouth yards in the Winter of 1976-1977.  OREs and ORI in the Spring of 1977.  Four days in Mayport, Florida in May 1977, then flew back to the DFW Metroplex for terminal duty at NAS Dallas, where it all began four years earlier.  Used the GI Bill to pay for finishing college - it took 3 years to earn a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.  Then went to work at General Dynamics Fort Worth Division which later got bought by Lockheed Martin.  Retired in November 2016.  Any of you Texas Navy Vets in North Texas?

  • Boot Camp at San Diego July-Sept 1960

    USS Renville APA-227 SN Oct 1960 - July 1961

    USS Bon Homme Richard CVA-31 RM3 July 1961 - Feb 1964

  • Joined July 1973.  Discharged July 1976.  Boot camp in Orlando.  Stationed aboard ship (USS Plymouth Rock LSD-29) out of Little Creek as a deck ape.  July 1974 sent to Corpsman School in Great Lakes.  Rest of my time at Philadelphia Naval Hospital.  Most of that duty I was Senior Corpsman on an amputee (leg) ward.  Great duty.  Ship I was on was chopped up as scrap metal and the hospital was razed and is now a parking lot.  Met my future wife at Corpsman school.  When I was discharged she still had 2 years left so I went to school in Philly.  Once she was discharged I moved her back to my home in Texas.  We both finished school.  I've been out now almost 40 years!  I'm considering going to a reunion our old ship is having this year in Florida. 

  • I joined the navy in Odessa, Texas in July 59, and boot camp in San Diego. Picked up my first ship (Cavalier APA-37) in Portland, Oregon. Transferred to LCU DIVISION 13 in 61. I ended my career on RACINE LST 1191 as SCPOC, GMCS. Live in OKLAHOMA CITY after retiring in 1980. Retired from OCPD as master sergeant in 2007.
  • Born and raised in Cowtown. Joined up in 1961 went to San Diego for Basic and started RM-A school. Deployed aboard the Kitty Hawk in 62. Got out in 67.   Finished out my 24 years in Army Nat'l Guard. Retired now back in Cowtown.

    • Curious about your 1961 Recruit Company number. Mine was 61-222, CC SK1 Lahaye.
  • I retired after 22 years in 1986 as a RMCS and returned to Texas, no living in Sandia, TX......God bless Texas

  • Even though I live in Virginia for now, by birth I was born in Kerrville Texas.

    And so I am still a loyal Texan and always will be.

  • Joined the Navy in Houston, July 1965.  Went to San Diego for boot, NAS Glynco Ga. for a year, then on to Pensacola for CT school.  Spent 18 months on Adak, and finally went to Norfolk Va, where I was TAD to 2 carriers, 1 sub, 2 DD's .  Got out in 1970 on a manpower cutback.  Twelve years later, came home to Texas.

  • Retired naval Air Force pacific fleet living in Fredericksburg, Texas viet nam veterans assoc life member.
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