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  • Company 057 (Color Company), March-May 1978.

  • Co.171 Great Lakes,Ill also Drill team 1958

    went on to USS Saratoga CVA-60 1958-1962 then USS John Willis DE-1027 1962-1963

  • Company 257 june-sept 1962
  • Looking for my company commander Ben Christian,company 070 March of 1974!
  • I was in company 363 October 71 till December 71

  • Looking for any shipmate from Triple Threat Hall of Fame Co 924, Grad from BC was on Aug 23,1985. Company commander was TMC Nordman from Gary,IN Company RPOC was Roger English from Boston.

  • RTC Great Lakes mid-May 1956 to first of September 1956 Company 333, fresh out of high school-rural central Kansas.  Got signaled out when they ask for musicians.  I said Tuba and spent Wed-Thur evenings practice with the band and then on Saturday playing in the Graduation/review.   Our company one only one flag and that win were because so many had failed out or were in sick bay and everyone doing "extra duty--like the band, church choir, etc were called back.  I have always laughed about this and we were mostly a misfit company.  See several comments about how cold it was at G.L. in winter.  In summer 100-110 on the grinder, no air in the class rooms or barracks.    Anyone from 333 in 1956 feel free to contact me--although that far back many may not answer the roll call.

  • I entered  GL  June 1967 company 265. Was told that only 10% of company would stay passed their first enlistment. I did 20. Any other sailors  from company 265 here? would like to connect been  over 50 years.

  • thanks for the add ! is there anyone in here From Class 038 1980 ? started in Feb , Graduated in July 

  • I arrived on Feb 5, 1968.  Was sent to the old barracks until they formed a company for us.  I had been living in NH and thought I was able to handle cold weather.  Great Lakes showed how cold a place can really be.  Graduated Apr 23, 1968.

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