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  • I attended Boot-Camp from August 1966 to November 1966 with Company 482. Following graduation I moved across the road to "Hospital Corps School." I was there during January 1967 when we received the largest snowfall ever recorded in Chicago,  23"! My graduating Hospital Corps School Company lost 6 Corpsmen, "Killed in Action" in Vietnam.

  • We wore whites
  • Service week was when we had been at Boot Camp for awhile (don't recall how long) and they sent the Company to Mess Cooking etc.  I was First Platoon leader and I was assigned a new arriving company to take around getting their uniforms, hair cuts etc.  There was a guy in that company I went to HS with. I'm sure we did march and eat at the same time.  Did your company graduate in blues or whites?  We were in the first groups to grad that year in blues.

  • Ron, We probably marched and ate at the same time

  • I don't remember service week

  • I was three weeks behind you at Great Lakes, don't recall when I caught the measles but it was after service week.  

  • I was in boot camp from July 5 1963 thru oct 1963 started EN school on Nov 4th 1963

  • Robert, I guess if I had looked I would have known we were at Great Lakes at the same time.  I enlisted in July 1963 and was in Company 353 at Great Lakes.  Sounds like we may very well have been in sickbay with the measles at the same time or very close to the same time.

  • Robert, What year were you at Great Lakes?  I was there the summer of 63 and I too caught the measles.  I remember mopping and cleaning sickbay and standing at attention when the Dr. made his rounds.  I didn't get set-back and finished with the company I started with.

  • I remember getting measles while there, but did not miss anytime. I remember being very tired and having to mop and clean sickbay. I think that it was their way to get us back to our groups
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