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  • Proudly trained @RTC Great Lakes in the fall of 1972.  Company 384 off the street and onto the fleet was our motto.

  • RTC Great Lakes Ill. 1973 Company 249

  • Company 355 1968
  • I went to bootcamp in May 1973, Company 169. Our CC was Chief Pelt and we were his first company. He took us all to Happy Hour one evening because he thought it was going to be something fun. Some fun that was.
    I went back again in 2002 (I think it was) to see my daughter graduate. It still all pretty much looked the same. Of course by then I couldn't remember details.
  • Ron, Saw your post. I worked as a contractor for the FAA(IBM and Lockheed Martin) for 27 years of my 41 years. The first was from 1967 thru 1975 when we built the first computized Air Traffic Control System and finished working at the Jacksonville Air Traffic Center(In Hilliard, FL) in 2008.
  •   Not much changes I was there in 1959 Dec.Camp Berry can be on the cold side standing in line for chow.
  • Hi Mike, I was at Great Lakes in 1963 and they had the same arrangement.  Camp Berry the first week etc.  I was selected as 1st Platoon Leader in Company 353 and spent Service Week again in Camp Berry moving a new company through the week.  Small world, there was a kid in the service week  company I went to 3 different HS with, both our fathers worked for the FAA.
  • Went to Boot Camp at great Lakes in September 1972. Company 458. Anybody remember Camp Berry. The old wooden barracks with no heat. We spent a week there until we got issued our uniforms, got our physicals and shots, and of course our haircuts before we were marched to the "new" side.3439405473?profile=original
  • I did RTC Great Lakes in 1976. We had a CC,company comander. What does RDC stand for? Is it the same as an RPOC, recruit chief petty officer?
  • My father went through boot camp in Great Lakes in '70s, and 30 years later I go through boot camp in Great lakes. I attended Boot Camp from Sept 1997 - Dec 1997. Being from the area and only having family about 20 mintues away it was no change for me weather wise. I arrived at RTC on Sept 27, 1997 to three sreaming RDCs at 5pm...went through check in and didn't hit the rack until 2am. At 4am we were woken up to move our stuff to Ship 2 and we were company 530. In our ship there were 5 other companies mainly men. My brother Company 529 was below us.

    Even thou it was cold and snowing for part of our training, I had fun until the RDCs found out I cam e from a Military family...


    If we messed up we were cycled for hours whether outside, barracks, drill hall, or swimming pool. My RDCs didn't care, you were going to get punished.

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