• I don't remember there ever being a yearbook for Corps School like there was in boot. All we received were a class picture and a small blue paper booklet from the graduation. I still have both from 73. Maybe the later years did yearbooks. There are sources on line for boot camp yearbooks for San Diego, Great Lakes and some of the others like Bainbridge. But, the selection is usually limited to a class or two per year. I have not seen anything from all my searches related to Corps School.

  • Haven't been on site for a while. Have any of you found sources for records, photos, year books for corps school? I was there in 1976.  Thanks

  • Charles D. Chuck Harris looking for classmates from HCS Class number 05-74 in San Diego. We graduated  Nov 8th ,1973. The nurse corps officer in charge for the class was named Beebe and the CC was HM1 Wiseman. Also looking for co workers from Building 26 Gray Ghost in San Diego. I worked there in late 73 and early 74. I worked in personnel, EENT ward, then transferred to the Amphib base on Coronado Island to the dispensary. Worked in the dispensary until transfer to the reserves in Jul 75. 

  • Looking for classmate Naval Hospital Corp School  Beginning Arround May 1972.  Some of my friend were Ceasar and Manuel Rodriqeuz.   Some others were Nick Larsen, Jazz, Shultzy, etc.

  • Unfortunately I do not recall my company number.  I was there from 10/6/67 - 2/1/68; then off to Camp Pendleton.

    My next duty station was the Naval Hospital in Bremerton, WA.  I loved it there.  Smaller size hospital with friendly coworkers and officers.  Besides it was only about 3 hours to Portland (home).  I was in Bremerton until Nov.1 with orders for Nam.

    I arrived at my assignment, the 3rd Tank Bn., 3rd Marine Div. on Dec. 12, 1968 when I soon became the senior company corpsman with Alpha Co.  HQ was in Quang Tri; Alpha Co. HQ in Dong Ha; and the tank platoons were scattered about.  I spent time with all, and liked my location at Con Thien with the platoon there.  Had I known the history before I arrived, perhaps my stay would have been a lot more fearful than it was.  I have read a book about Con Thien and it was comparable to Khe Sahn, Hue, and others.  It had been overshadowed by the more well known battle sites.  We were about 2 miles south of the DMZ with the North Vietnam flag visible from the bridge over the Ben Hai River---real nice.


    Would be happy to hear from any of you fellow corpsmen.


    Mike Marquette


    Formerly an HM2 who was and still am proud to have served as a Navy Corpsman and with the US Marines in Vietnam in the year 1969.



  • What were the school dates for 39-72?

    • We began around Marsh 1972 and finished July or August 1972

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