Any Navy Veteran who served from 2-Sept.-1945 to 26-Dec-1991, prevented World War III for 46 years. We must never forget those who did pay the Ultimate price with their lives. USS Scorpion SSN-589, and many others. I Salute your Bravery.....
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  • They'll authorize a Cold War Medal when most of us are dead.  I signed the petition and have decided that "Cold War Veterans" should and are proud of their service regardless if anyone cared then or now.  Most of the people who decide, medal or no medal never served and don't know the difference between a "Sea Story" and a "Fairy Tail" "Now this ain't no ...

  • This petition does not need that many signatures to have a voice heard by all parties involved towards making this Service Medal a reality. Jerald really believes in this and has spent alot of time and effort trying to make this happen for us. I took the time to sign the petition because I believe that all of us that served during the Cold War do deserve the Service Medal.

  • My Congressmen told me it won't happen They already talked about it. It should and i believe that those who were there should have one....

    Hey we can create our own !!!!!!!!   JUST KIDDING!

  • Stand Up America

    Subject: Authorize and create a Cold War Service Medal
    Cold War Veterans like myself have been denied recognition, respect, and remembrance for too long.
    It is past time for our country to say Thank You with a simple
    Cold War Service Medal. We should no longer be ignored.
    That's why I created a petition to The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama, which says:
    "Millions of veterans served during the Cold War and never received recognition or any type of award.
    Tell Congress to pass S.402, and H.R. 1968 The Cold War Service Medal Act of 2011.
    Tell President Obama to remember his pledge to honor Cold War Veterans, use an Executive Order to create this medal."
    Will you sign this petition? Click here:
  • Robert A. Scott ADJ3 - VA-122 NAS Lemoore, Ca. 1965-1969 - I also like the idea of a "Cold War Medal".  I served for 4 years stateside (some like that idea) but never got to see any of the world I enlisted to see (some may say I am lucky there too) even after volunteering for Viet Nam 5 times to try to get out of the states (now I realize how stupid that was) and was turned down because I was "more valuable to the Navy in the position you hold".  Therefore, the only medal I am elligible to wear is the "National Defense Service Medal", of which I still have pride in being able to serve.

  • The Cold War Medal is one way many can be recognized for their service which is great and we need to push congress to also recognize the Blue Water Navy that served in Nam. There were a large number who served yet do not have any benfits from these tours.

  • Denis A Grover BT2  Uss Wainwright DLG-28  66/67 nam vet I like cold war Medal for all vets

  • @Richard Bowren..check our website American Cold War Vets

    our message forum American Cold War Veterans Forum

    my blog American Cold War Veterans Blog

    blog of former chairmanCold War Veterans Blog
  • Hi all .. Rick Bowren RM2  here. I think the Cold War Medal is a great idea !! 

    I plan on doing more research about it ! Any old shipmates out there from the 

    Mountrail APA-213 or Guadalcanal LPH-7 ? Would enjoy hearing from any of 

    you ... 

  • Josh married a girl from Wiggins and Steve lived in Hattisburg.  The Hall family farm is in Vancleave.

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Cold War Service Medal-2015

On April 28. 2015 Congressman Steve Israel(D NY-3); as he has for the last several years, along with Congressman David Jolly (R-FL 13) and seven other cosponsors introduce H.R. 2067 The Cold War Service Medal Act 2015. This bill would authorize DoD to issue the Cold War Service Medal to those who served between Sep 1945 and Dec 1991.This bill has been sent to the House Armed Services Committee for consideration. Last year a similar bill went to the committee and just sat there till the end of…

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