Interested in a reunion?

If your interested in participating in a possiible reunion, please let me know. I'm trying to get an idea of how many, where it would be and when a good time of year. Obviously it can't happen anytime too soon, but if enough of you are interested then perhaps it really can happen.Please, your input is always welcome!

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    • Al - You thinking of this year or next for an unofficial reunion. I assume wives are OK (just in case we are a little more house broke than we were in 1978). Mac
    • I'm thinking this year for the unofficial get-together. I know it's short notice.
      If you would like your spouses to accompany you, by all means, bring them. I, myself will most likely go it alone. As much as I would like my wife to come, she would most likely feel like extra baggage while I traveled down memory lane and reminisced with former shipmates.
    • Hey Al,
      Good point. However, I only have one spouse ( I realize you meant more than one attendee, It is too easy to be a smart alec). The penalty for bigamy is two wives.

  • Al, would enjoy a reunion. My only problem is the summer time as with my job I can not get away anytime during the summer. Any other time would be great as long as I have enough notice. Also need the drive time as it takes me three days to get there from South Dakota. Frank
    • Hi Frank (or Cowboy, whichever you prefer),
      I completely understand your situation and I'm sure your not alone. I know that for many, personal time off needs to be requested with ample notice. I've been looking into getting something together in the mid Sept to mid Oct time frame. Will that work for you? Based from other's feedback, the rates would be less due to the end of the tourist season and availability would be much better I'm sure. In addition, I would guess that the weather would still be nice enough for summer casual attire and the beach water would remain at a comfortable temperature for taking a dip, should one feel the desire to. Hopefully, the upcoming hurricane season won't severely affect the area.
      I'm not saying it's a go, but at least it's a target. Kim Brockhoff and I were talking about this and came to the conclusion that if a reunion can't happen this year, well then we'll shoot for next year.
  • I would like to attend a reunion as much as you. I'm looking into activities and hotel rates & availability in the Virginia Beach vacinity between the mid September to mid October time frame. It appears that those of you who are interested in a get together have expressed a desire for Va Beach. I would also like to see the area as well.
    I understand that most of you have already planned your vacations for the summer & fall seasons, so getting away on such short notice may be slim if at all possible. And if reunion efforts don't gel as we all hope, then there's always a later date. But for those of you who think you can get away, please speak up. I was thinking of a long weekend. Perhaps beginning on a Friday and lasting to Sunday or Monday. Your suggestions are always welcome. -Al
  • Al,
    It would be nice to have in Va. Beach, it being the master Jet base and VA-85 home. Yeah i would be very interested, just set the dates, be better to do it before the cold months or before we all kick the bucket, like you said!
    • Hey Al Im in for a reunion how about va. beach in the off season sept oct
    • That's what I was thinking. Rates are lower, not as crowded and maybe better deals on activities such as fishing trips, tours and attractions, etc..
  • I would be interested also. I was aboard from 1964 to 1966. I made the first A6 West-Pac on thge Kittyhawk. I'm in favor of Virginia Beach for a Reunion.
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