The USS Joseph Strauss (DDG-16), named for Admiral Joseph Strauss USN (1861–1948), was a Charles F. Adams-class guided missile armed destroyer of the United States Navy.
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  • April 1988 to Decom.

  • Who in the world was the GM1 from Hope, Arkansas that was onboard in the early 80's.  I live near Hope now and would like to locate him, however I cannot recall his name.  Can anybody help me ?

  • Hello All,


    I'm just wondering if the friends I used to run and cycle with are still at it after all these years.  I've had my ups and downs but I'm still running and cycling.  I swim once in a while too.  It would be fun to reminisce about the running events and the good times we had cycling around the island.  Not to mention the drinking and partying in Honolulu.


    Also, if you remember Masa Yoshi I would like to know about him as well.  He is still my inspiration for my running.




    Roy (Ricochet Rabbit) O'Shea

  • I was on the Joey (Smokin' Joe) 1980-1984. When I first arrived on the ship it was like no command I'd ever even heard of. If you can remember the show Baa Baa Black Sheep it was kinda like that. A ship of misfits. Oh, there were many stories to be told during my four years aboard. Unbelievable stories! I remember my first time to do SP duty back in Pearl I was the first person to show up at the base police station where we mustered. The guy asked me what command I was from. "Joseph Strauss.", I replied. He looked at me, picked up the phone and began making phone calls. "The Strauss is back. Double all Shore Patrol requirements." We had a reputation for trouble. Those were tough years with fun times as well. We always said "It's real. It's fun. It's not real fun." Though I had some good memories on the Joey it was also a turning point in my decision to leave the navy after 11 years.
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