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  • 1968 Co. 788 RTC San Diego
  • Company 074 1982
  • Aug 30, 1957
  • Entered RTC San Diego 2/28/73, formed into Co. 077, QM1 Gassman was our Company Commander. Had a great time while at recruit training!

  • To continue:  I spent the first 2 years at Reg 1 working for LT Johnson, LT Hamilton and last for LCDR Terry Tassin.  At the end of the 2 years I was due to ship out (already had my orders), but the oil embargo came along and everyone was frozen in their duty stations,  so I was to spend the rest of my enlistment at RTC San Diego.  LCDR Tassin was promoted to Military Training Officer and he transferred me with him to his new assignment.  I left the Navy Sep 75.  I had met so many exceptional individuals, from so many different duty stations and duty situations, that I had become friends with, which made leaving really hard.  After picking up my final paperwork and driving out the gate it felt strange.  It was hard for me to transition to civilian life.  In the Navy there was always someone who had your back, you always had someplace you belonged.  I totally missed and still miss the comradery that I experienced in the Navy.    

  • Always nice to read the comments....H. Buning, Co. 086, 1972, March through May 9. Co. Commander was SH1 Kirkeby, a tough but fair Seal, who did a pretty good job with us. Didn't win any awards, but didn't fail any inspections, either.

  • Went to San Diego in July 1965, a lifetime ago.  Still remember the way it looked, so many of the firsts in this 17 year olds life.  Company 329, RD1 Green was our Commander.  I remember the hot days and cool nights.  Standing watch, washing our clothes in the concrete tables and hanging them up to dry. Remember standing watch at the Brig, and one of the prisioners carrying "Baby" around.  Anyone know what baby was? The march over the bridge off of Worm Island. The Classes, the drills, the chow, the Recruit. Just looking over my copy of The Anchor to bring back some memories.  Sad it was torn down.  Life moves on and history settles into the dust. I served five years in the Navy and enjoyed every minute of it and was proud to do it. Good to see that others remember also.

  • Went through Bootcamp at RTC, San Diego in Sep - Nov 71, Company 322.  Sent to Yeoman A School at NTC, down the street from RTC.  Graduated A School in Feb 72.  Everyone in my class got their orders but me.  I was told there was some kind of a glitch.  Finally a few days later I was given my orders to report to RTC San Diego.  It seems some of the instructors at the school were trying to get my orders changed with theirs but to no avail.  They couldn't believe someone who has never been to sea duty would be stationed at RTC.  I reported in March (after getting married and moving to Ocean Beach) and was assigned to the MTO office till they could figure out what to do with me.  It was really strange being on the other side now and seeing how the Company Commanders really were.  I only stayed at the Military Training Office with the MTO Yeoman for a month before I was assigned as the Regiment One Yeoman on Primary Training, working for LT Hearn who left at the end of the week for his new duty station.  My work week was M-F from 7-1500, typing up Company Commander reviews, dealing with recruits sent to Regiment for Captains' Mast, sending out orders to Battalions, et al  Will have to stop here for now...…...

  • I was NTC Aug. '71. CC was BMC Jones. Company 278. I hated that mans guts!. LOL. Guess what? I saw him in a club about 2 years later. I was a BM2. (go figure, right?) He didn't remember me, but I sure did him!. We had some beers together, and while not exactly friends, we parted amicably. I retired after 20 as a BM1.
  • i was a navet in training when i reenlisted in navy on 28 aug 85 till nov 85 we had half days in the barracks alot of drinking going on then

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RTC San Diego Company 788 1968

I would like to re-connect with any recruits from co. 788 from Nov. 12, 1968- Jan 30 1969 I still have my "ANCHOR" and all the names of my company mates. We were an outstanding group of sailors and I'd like to share comments about the rest of your Naval service                                                          THAT'S  COMPANY 788                                                          Nov 68- Jan 69                                                          RTC San…

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