Sea sickness


You are probably right, I think it was the sulfur smell to the boiled eggs.  When we had troops aboard the chow was not great, the chow was great when in port and no troops aboard.

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  • LOL you guys should have been on one of the old diesel driven LSts. Tied up at the mole in Long Beach they would rock every time a utility boa went by.

  • The worst chow that I can recall was in boot camp. The best chow was on the Truxtun on our way home from the 81 - 82 West Pac. We left left Wellington loaded with Australian beef and ice cream. We ate like kings! As we got close to the states there was 5 gal containers on the mess decks 24/7 and then we were about to cross that line what was left into the ocean - I am pretty sure the fish ate well!

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