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  • Was in Co. 454 starting mid Sept, 61.   Our CO was a SMC, but don't remember his name but he was pretty mean.  We worked off so many demerits mostly in the drill hall, but sometimes in the snow when he a felt like it.  I got pneumonia by Nov and had to spend the next 5 weeks in the hospital.  There were 300 other recruits in there with the same disease. Finished the last two weeks in another company where nobody knew anybody else, but it was better then starting over like some guys I knew.  

  • We had a recruit chief petty officer(RCPO).His dad was an officer so he knew how the game was played. 

  • we had an ACTING CHIEF PETTY OFFICER ( ACPO ) within our ranks in my COMPANY 640 from  DEC 56 to Jan. 57,and could NOT use any other methods to clean the decks in our barracks other than what we were told to use,and did not get any breaks...That RASCAL reported everything we did to the old man,and we were assigned DEMERITS for any infractions accused of,and if we got SO MANY demerits,we were sent to COMPANY 800  BAKER!!..Those poor guys MARCHED almost 24/7 out on the grinder in the snow...DID NOT WANT THAT!!!

  • Co.341 August '61 to Oct '61.Company commander was GM1 Cook.I remember a sleet storm the night before general inspection.Taking down laundry in swim trunks.


  • BM1 Peck was an old guy, had been around a long time and looked it. He was pretty fair considering though. I still have my KEEL and my grand kids enjoy looking through it. Guess things have changed quite a bit since we were there.

  • Alistair I also went to the Lakes in Oct 61. Company 510, don't remember the company commander only he was a PO1. To lazy to climb into the attic to find the book

  • Oct. 1961. Co. 318. BM1 Oscar Peck was our Company Cdr.

  • to shine our floors Nov. 1970, Company 408, we flipped a table with the blankets underneath and rode three guys on the table.  BAM, it worked.

  • I was there in 1963 we used the wool blankets to put a high shine on the floors it was like doing the twist with a blanket.

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