Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes is located in Northern Chicago, Illinois

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  • got it

  • Thanks James No it is a request from a friend that lives near by

  • Francis,do you mean the shuffling we did out on the grinder? Maybe that was after my time there...I was there Dec. 56 thru Jan. 57

  • Norm,I still have my 1956 Keel from Company 640 G'Lakes,but I don't think it will help you...Sorry,shipmate....wish I could help you...

  • I am looking for a 1955 Company 254  Keel from Great Lakes for a friend if any one has one please e mail me     I also have extra Keel's from 1969  Company 166-313-463 & 611 if any one that was in those books they can have it  Norm

  • who remembers the great lakes shuffle?

  • Anyone remember standing in formation in front of your barracks after a long hard day of marching while the ole man is inside the barracks wrecking your locker,stomping on your dress whites....BOY!!!...What MEMORIES!!!

  • Coldest place in North America.

    When I left home (Texas) for boot camp it was a balmy 82 degrees.

    When I arrived at RTC Glakes it was 20 below and snowing.

    As they used to say, Navy it is not just a job, It's an adventure/

    But I made it and I am proud of us who did, then I went to "HM" A school and that was after the thaw... LOL

  • Boot Camp from Sep-Dec 1970, Company 339, CC EM1 Charles L. Baugh.

  • I arrived at Great Lakes RTC on August 23rd, 1966.  Company 525.  Our Company Commander's last name was Unger, I believe.  We graduated in late November.  And we didn't win any flags except for one - which was for Athletics, and that was only because the company we were supposed to play against didn't show up, so we got the flag by default.  lol.  Made some good friends there.

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