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  • I attended Great Lakes Boot Camp end part of June 1971, my Leader for our group was Mr Jensen.  I believe we were Company #201.  My orders were to go to Steward Training at San Diego, then remaining of my duty was assigned to the BOQ at Roosy Roads,Puerto Rico.  1971 until June 1975.  Got seperated at Orlando Fl.  Hope to hear from any mates at any of these locations. Living now in Palm Beach,Fl.  Retiring after 39 yrs from a law enforcement agency.Email

  • Looking for shipmates from "86" boot camp co.419

  • I went thru bootcamp Nov-Dec '65. Was in company 660, QMC Jackson was CC. I ended up back at the Lakes in '76 as a CC myself. It was a job that I didn't look forward to, but it turned out to be the best assignment of my career. I made CPO during that tenure and being an Airdale in the land of Blackshoes, I was initiated with gusto. I'd do it all over again. I pushed 5 companies while I was there, 029, 098, 315 and two others that I will have to dig into my stuff to find. Would like to hear from any of the shipmates that might rember when.

  • welcome aboard. 1959 co.588

  • Arrived at RTC Great Lakes in October 1967. Was in Company 960, Recruit Band and Drill Team........Company Commander was R. R. Barker , SF-1..........Graduated in December 1967.

  • I am trying to find someone who graduated from Great Lakes RTC,in Jan. '57 from Company 640,Camp Moffitt,barracks 1502,lower east...CSC Roach was CC.


  • I was at camp moffett,and even had mess-cooking duty at the mess hall,and boy,that was a crummy job,Ha! Ha! Never thought I would ever look at a soup bowl big enough to walk around inside it....I worked in the SKULLERY,of course!!...BOY!! WHAT FUN!!...I always thought from that day on,that the  CPO stew-burners ( known at the time as COMMISSARYMAN) were as mean as the Chief Boatswains' Mates in the fleet...I just know I didn't mess with either of them.

  • coldest place I have ever been in my life and I am from new jersey.i was there in feb. to may of 1963.standing a dumpster watch saying to my self who in their right mind would steal a dumpster.when we went to firing range to fire the m1 it was so cold your eyes froze.i have no idea where those bullets went but I know I never hit the target.

  • In Dec 61, they called the misfits company 'Mickey Mousers' .  I remember they gave them all green civilian suits for their trip home.     Pretty sad.    We had dumpster watches too, but I usually pulled clothesline watch.  One of my favorite memories is standing in the dark morning chow line at Camp Porter, just trying to keep warm while we hear reveille sounding in the brig nearby.

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