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  • the great white ghost of the Arabian coast and the great white beast of the middle east what a deal
  • I will never ever forget the months in my career that I spent on this ocean. I know of 3 deaths, 3 aicraft left here. It also is the only body of water I had sailed that was eerily like glass. The only ripple was my ships wake. It looked just like a mirror, fairly transparent, and the horizon was lit by a huge sun that was hazzy and everything was like in a fishbowl effect. The heat was about 145 max. I saw literally an egg fry on the deck. The only time I did not spend time here was while aboard the USS MOUNT VERNON LSD-39 1983-1984.
  • did my tour over there 2 times, first was on uss fearless mso 442 from jan 89 to jun 89, then uss avenger mcm 1from sept 90 to jun 91, saw a lot of basrac shipyard in bahrain,spent time at the bar at asu
    was nice place to get away from the ship for a bit
  • I was there nov 2003 to feb 2004 onboard the USS CONSTELLATION
  • Did my tour in the Persian Gulf back in 1991 and 1992.
  • Served onboard the Yosimite in the early 90s in the Gulf then again onboard USS Mahan DDG72 in 90-2000.
  • I remember the swimming pool! While the Gompers was there, I worked night shift in the MAA shack so I spent a lot of my days off sleeping at the was cooler there than in berthing!
  • Maybe we should start a Bahrain Group, I spent allot of time there and even had a girlfriend from the High school that I spent allot of time with her and her family. Matter of fact I am still in touch with her and her husband to this day. I have many memories from that little dust bowl. Back then Bahrain was called ASU or Admin Support Unit. It only flew the US Flag once or twice a year then and it was a small hole in the wall. But it had a bar and that is what counted. It had 2 swimming pools , a small store, movie theather, a barracks and a couple of other buildings. Like I said it was small but it was a home away from home. The LaSalle tour was generaly a 1 year unaccompanied tour. You could not take leave of any kind except emergency and you spent 1 year there. There were others that spent more time but not many.
    It is so cool talking with others that have been there before and after me to see how it has changed.
    Paul Barger
  • Bahrain was a very interesting place...

    The Summer Palace was on a beach, and open to US Military, I went there in a car with a fellow sailor who happened to be of Egyptian descent, they gave us a real hard time at the gate....that was quite an experience! It was really nice, but I didn't go back. There was a small base with a swimming pool, and I spent quite a bit of time there.
  • I was on the LaSalle from 79-80 in the gulf. I returned on the Jesse L Brown to the Indian Ocean in 80 and then again in 82 where I got out of the Navy leaving Bahrain and flying to Philly for discharge. I was in the Gulf when there wasnt a conflict. We even used to sit on the Pier and talk with the Iranian sailors because they had one of our old "Tin Cans" from WW2 about 2 months later we were fighting with them. I spent alot of time in Bahrain also.
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 I was there when one of the Helo Ships had a boiler explosion. It killed a few guysand they came outoard of us. I think it was the Iwo Jima. We feed their crew and or our crew at the same time.That was where I got my NAM. We hung out at a hotel that had a swimming pool on the top deck with a bar (of course). One our off time we made good use of the hotel. Had a bar down stairs.And wasclose to the Gold Suk.

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