Veterans who crossed the Panama Canal
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  • Not at all. Beer garden on pier just like you.
  • Stanley, was your liberty situation any better ?? I doubt it ...


  • Richard Bowman: I was there at the same time. I was on the USS Churchill County LST583

  • Made the crossing during the Panama crisis '64, I believe. Liberty was restricted and all we had was a large field behind the warehouses at the pier for a ball diamond etc., and we built our own bar .. called "Frenchman's Rusty Roof Saloon". The situation in DomRep later wasn't much better ..


  • Was stationed in Panama from Sept. '82 til Oct.'86 with the Harbor Patrol Unit, Combat Craft Division. Was a boat captain for both a PBR (River Patrol Boat) and a PCF (Swift Boat). Deployed to South and Central America with the Ramo Raiders on numerous ocassions. Made over 300 transits of the Canal during my tour. Was the best duty station of my 22 year career.
  • Did world cruise onboard USS Stien FF-1065 in 1988. Was the throttleman.
  • went thru it onboard the julius a furer ffg-6
  • Passed trough the canal in February 1971 on the way to Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. USS Coontz DLG-9
  • Passed through the canal in 1997 during Counter Narcotics Operations

  • Crossed the Ditch in 66 on our way to Viet Nam--on the USS MAZAMA AE-9

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Points of interest in the Canal Zone

Military pictures I was stationed in the canal zone back in 1967>1970 at the COCO SOLO Naval Station (Atlantic side)  which was suport for a Naval Security Group Activity named Galate Island.   There are a bunch of older pictures at the above link .I'll dig out some other links to the mess that place has become in the near future and add them as we go. 

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